Knights Chronicle guide - How to upgrade your heroes

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 29th, 2018
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If you've been playing Knights Chronicle for a while now, it's likely you've got a set of heroes you feel pretty good about. In fact, you've probably fed these heroes a other units and Rainbowmons to level them up as high as they can go. What you might not realize though is that there's a bunch of other stuff you can do to your heroes to make them even more powerful than being max level.

Even if you did know this though, there's quite a bit that goes into making a hero as powerful as they can possibly be. Check out these tips below to find out just how and why you should be going about maxing out your heroes' potential.

Limit Breaking

Once your heroes are evolved up to the six star level and hit the level 50 cap, they can then gain an additional 10 levels through limit breaking. Limit breaking is perhaps the single most important way to make your heroes more powerful as each additional level increases your hero's base stats, every two levels unlocks a new hero talent, and hitting level 60 unlocks a new and powerful passive ability for the hero.

To limit break, you simply need to have some other six star units to feed to your hero. For the first tier of limit breaking, you only need one six star unit and 100,000 gold to be able to level your new and improved character up to level 52, but each additional limit break tier demands more six star units and 100,000 gold per unit, to the point that the final limit break (which pushed your hero from level 58 to 60), requires three six star units and 300,000 gold to perform.

Enhancing Your Hero

If you've ever seen other players' units in PvP with some purple stars next to their hero card, this is an indication that they've “enhanced” their hero. Although it's not quite as game-changing as limit breaking, enhancing units can unlock specific stat increases and extra boosts that feel almost like additional, permanent runes equipped to your character.

To enhance a unit in Knights Chronicle, you need three things: elemental insignias, six star advent heroes, and gold. Insignias are obtained from guild dungeons, advent heroes drop from the super-difficult special dungeons, and gold comes from just about everywhere. Once you've gathered enough of these things, you can feed them to a hero up to six times to unlock things like a 10% attack increase or bonus damage to heroes of a specific type.

Enhancing skills

Have you been looking at Lydia as your primary support and thought to yourself how much better she would be if she gave heroes 100% health when they revived instead of 50% as she does by default? This is something you can change through enhancing hero skills. This way of improving heroes can make a huge difference in their capabilities, though it's arguably the longest and most difficult way to power your teams up.

Enhancing hero skills is so tough because you need to feed duplicate heroes to each other to level up skills, and summoning multiple SSRs or SRs can take a considerable amount of luck. On top of this, enhancing skills doesn't have a 100% chance of success unless the duplicate hero is evolved all the way to the six star level. So, even when you do get duplicates, you have to invest quite a few resources in evolving these duplicates if you want to guarantee that your hero will get stronger when you try to enhance a skill.

All of this is ultimately worth it though, because getting key skills up to their sixth and final level can really transform heroes from niche picks to essential team members if done right.

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