Knights Chronicle guide - How to conquer the Timespace Void

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 2nd, 2018
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There are a ton of different arenas for you to push your heroes to their limits in Knights Chronicle, but there’s one mode that stands out as particularly unique among the rest. The Timespace Void feels kind of like a mix between the game’s story mode and the multiplayer arena, but it’s also got some strange survival mechanics that make it feel like it’s own thing.

The Timespace Void is a great mode to play if you want to guarantee great rewards for each fight you get into, but beware, this mode can be hellishly difficult. With that in mind, check out these tips to help you conquer the Timespace Void.

Use the right elements

Knights Chronicle’s combat revolves around elemental counters not to unlike Pokemon’s type-based combat or Fire Emblem’s weapon triangle, and your success in the Timespace Void is highly dependent on picking counter elements for each level. This is because enemies in the Void are extremely strong, to the point that they are really hard to brute force. Instead, you need to push every advantage possible to come out on top.

If you can’t put together a team of heroes that all counter an element, you can still do ok in the Timespace Void, provided you pick carefully. Under no circumstances should you pick heroes that are weak to the enemy elemental powers (unless playing against light/dark teams), and if you are going to pick non-counter units, make sure it’s no more than one or two heroes that can provide some high utility to your team.

Bring revival heroes

Unlike any other mode in Knights Chronicle, the Timespace Void has a permadeath system. For the duration of each tower in the void, heroes that die in combat cannot be used again.

This makes it vital for you to bring a hero with the ability to revive heroes into each floor if you can. Losing a key character because they get focused-down or because of some lucky criticals can ruin your entire run, so make sure you have someone that can bring them back to fight again in the next round.

Don't be too conservative

Most of the fights in the Timespace Void are with waves of generic-looking units as opposed to a hulking boss character. This may prompt you to conserve some of your heroes’ abilities waiting for big units to unleash them on, but waiting to use abilities can be a costly mistake.

The units in the Timespace Void are deceptively strong, and there’s no bonus for saving skills. As such, you should use every tool at your disposal whenever you need it. Doing so can save you from losing characters and win you more fights in the void.

Equip runes

Since you’ll likely be making teams with heroes that you don’t use to often in other modes of Knights Chronicle, make sure you’re wringing the most out of them in the Timespace Void by equipping them with runes. Most players probably save their runes for their PvP or Advent Dungeon teams, but it’s worth powering up anyone for your void team to give yourself some more firepower.

If parts of your team are only useful for specific Timespace Void scenarios, it may seem like a waste to equip valuable runes onto them, but it’s ultimately worth it. If you can get through the entire Timespace Void, you end up getting some great runes, evolvemon, and more out of it, so make sure to equip runes to increase your survivability.

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