The non-profit Khan Academy has released an eponymous app for the iPad, which offers free educational how-to videos on many subjects. The app currently offers over 2800 videos, designed to educate in the fields of math, science, humanities, and standardized test preparation. Videos largely consist of screencasts that try to explain various topics, and go step-by-step through each topic, as explained by founder Salman Khan and others appointed by the foundation to help create content for other subjects.

The videos on iPad support AirPlay to a remote display, can be downloaded for offline access, and shared to Facebook and Twitter. The videos also offer scripts that correspond to the various points in each video, which helps with not just going back to repeat a specific part of a video, but also opens up accessibility to those with hearing-impairments. It is also possible to log in using a Facebook or Google account to synchronize progress with the Khan Academy website with videos watched. The app is available for completely free.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-11 :: Category: Education

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