Popular MMO puzzle game Aurora Feint is coming to the iPad with yet another sequel: Aurora Feint 3. If the vast improvements made from Aurora Feint to Aurora Feint 2 are any indication of the improvements being made, then expect Aurora Feint 3 to be an excellent addition.


Did I forget to mention that Aurora Feint 3 is currently available on the app store for the iPad, free of charge? It adds yet another free to play option right out of the box available for the iPad.

    “With Aurora Feint 3 we’ve delivered on two of our core goals: developing a beautiful, multi-chapter MMO for our players and deploying a free-to-play virtual goods-based version of OpenFeint,” said Jason Citron, Founder & CEO of Aurora Feint. “This game integrates core components of OpenFeint X and gives us a chance to test and refine these features in a live game before releasing them to the rest of the OpenFeint developer community.”

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