PCalc – The Best Calculator and its zero-cost sibling PCalc Lite have received a new theme, called “Samurai,” to go with the new OS. In addition to the new look – which is a selectable option so if you prefer to keep things the way they are that’s totally possible – the update also adds a revamped iPhone display that uses larger font sizes, dynamic type support for iOS 7, and a whole lot more which is listed below.


- Added full support for iOS 7, including a new minimalist look for PCalc.
- Added a new default iOS 7 theme, “Samurai”. The other themes are still available in the settings.
- Smarter display on iPhone, uses bigger font size when there’s fewer lines of data to display.
- The tape now shows all operations including functions, conversions, and constants.
- Added a two new layouts on iPhone that let you have the tape permanently on-screen.
- Added support for speaking actions and results on iOS 7.
- Added new digit display options.
- Added “Gas Mark” to the “Cooking” section of the unit conversions.
- Added an option for constant functions in algebraic mode – press equals to repeat the last calculation, or enter a new value and then press equals.
- Added an option to greatly increase the size of the text on all buttons.
- Added an option to use dynamic type on iOS 7.
- Added an option to hide the status bar.
- Added an option to switch off all animations.
- Added an option to switch off changing the number of display lines by swiping.
- Added a button to change all settings back to their default values.
- You can now double-tap the 2nd button to lock it in the on position.
- You can now set the current layout via the PCalc URL scheme – useful with apps like Launch Center Pro for launching PCalc in different setups. Usage is pcalc://layout/name.
- PCalc now inserts an implied equals if you start entering a new number mid-calculation.
- On the phone, tapping the display at the bottom while in settings, conversions etc. will quickly return you to the main calculator.


via: Our Review