Sometimes it’s tough to get a job. And making new business contacts isn’t the most entertaining task. Well the folks at Intro Labs have a new networking solution, Intro, that helps grow user’s business networks and aids freelancers in finding new projects.

Intro uses social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare) and location to match potential business contacts. After users give Intro all of their networking information, it suggests potential business matches in a customized and ranked list (based on location). It even lets users “teleport” to other locations that they may be associated with to rank and list business contacts at multiple locations.

When contacts are suggested, Intro displays exactly what overlaps between users (follow the same Twitter users, worked at the same businesses, work in the same industry, etc). Users set both who they’re looking for and what industry they work in. Intro even alerts users when another user is close enough to meet up and shake hands.

Intro is available for free. The only social network that’s absolutely necessary to use the app is LinkedIn. All others are optional.

Released: 2011-12-16 :: Category: Business

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