Back when barcode reading software was new to the iOS, there were tons of different pieces of software vying for the attention of the iOS consumer base.  These tools did the heavy lifting for the price-conscious shopper.  Though these apps were great, those that wanted to use barcode information for purposes other than shopping didn’t have quite so many options.

Lets just say that you had a piece of software on your PC that managed the inventory of a warehouse you maintained.  Previously you would have to buy expensive external scanners to record the barcodes of items coming in and out.  However, if you combined your existing PC applications with the toolset of the application iCody it would be simple for your iPhone to record a barcode and wirelessly beam the data to your computer.  Don’t fret if you are using Linux or Mac operating systems either, because it is cross-platform compatible.

If you are still unsure about what all the hype is about, check out this informational clip about the tool.  It may very well change the way you do business.

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Released: 2010-04-17 :: Category: Utilities

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