Can't get enough questing and making friends in Animal Crossing? We know the feeling. Sometimes it feels like delivering fish and butterflies to our cute fuzzy friends is more of a vocation than a game.

But what if you're looking for a mobile game to try and ensure you get your cuteness fix? Well, there's Animal Crossing: Pocket Campe, but we reckon we can do better than that. Which is why we've created this list of the five best games like Animal Crossing for iPhone.

Check out our list below, and if you've got your own suggestions make sure you stick them in the comments section. Oh, and click here to check out all of the other great lists we've been making over the months and year.

Castaway Paradise - download for iPhone

The concept of Castaway Paradise is pretty similar to Animal Crossing - do quests for the villagers in town, plant trees, harvest crops, fish, decorate your house, and perform a number of other activities. Even the art style feels somewhat familiar. But this isn't just an attempt at copying Animal Crossing's successful formula - Castaway Paradise has plenty to keep you busy, and its own unique touch to familiar elements. There's a number of packs you can purchase to help move the game along, but you can still progress and enjoy the game entirely without having to pay anything.

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Seabeard - download for iPhone

If you like Animal Crossing, but are looking for something with a little more world-building involved, consider taking a look at Seabeard. You'll once again spend your time making friends and exploring the world, but here you'll also need to recruit your own crew and work on building your trading empire and conquering the seas. A huge number of quests will give you plenty to do, and the storyline and gameplay are surprisingly deep for such a light-hearted game.

Township - download for iPhone

Want something more focused on farming and building, and less about doing quests for all your neighbors? Check out Township, which is something of a cross between Animal Crossing and Farmville. Here you'll be responsible for building your own town, and while there are characters to meet, most of your quests will be centered around harvest crops, creating products, and unlocking buildings to enhance your town. There is a multiplayer aspect once you get into the higher levels, though it's easy enough to disregard if that's not your thing,

Happy Street - download for iPhone

Happy Street is a game that's less about item collecting and more about the relationships you build with the characters. There's still some farming to be done, and a town to build and grow, but the main focus of the game is on the characters you meet, and helping them achieve their goals. Each has a unique personality, and dozens of different costumes to unlock. Progress can be a little bit slow at times, making this an ideal game to enjoy in short bites rather than long sessions.

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The Sims Mobile - download for iPhone

With the Sims, you're not rebuilding a town so much as you are trying to help your sim succeed. You can customize your sims to have unique traits and outfits, build them the perfect home, and walk them through every step of their day to day lives. It's something of a departure from the formula that Animal Crossing uses, but seeing your sims succeed at their jobs and develop relationships - or fail miserably - is entertaining nonetheless. There's plenty to explore here, so if you're looking for a game that's more about creating your own inhabitants, the Sims Mobile is one to check out.

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