The world of Motorsport management can be an unforgiving and merciless one, so to help with some of the stress that comes with running a successful race team, here are a few hints and tips to leave your opponents in the dust.

Attention New Managers:
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Hit the track

The track is where all of the action happens, so getting the best out of the drivers and their cars in the ever-changing conditions is a must.

  • Use the qualifying rounds as a way of testing out the best approach for the track ahead. Sending out a driver for a couple of laps at a time can really give you a sense of what strategy works best, which will be evident by the lap times presented in the strategy screen afterwards. During the qualifiers you can cancel a lap if a setup clearly isn’t working out in order to make the best use of the limited number of laps available. Therefore, it’s best to play the qualifiers in normal or slightly heightened playback speed. Fast-forward will just lessen the chance that you’ll catch a driver before he zooms past on another doomed lap.
  • Pay attention to the tactical suggestion and track layout before each qualifier. You’ll only see this once. If the course has long straight sections, prioritize top speed, straights, and soft tires for pure speed and an advantage in overtaking. If it’s heavy on corners, prioritize cornering and acceleration to be quick off of sharp bend, with hard tires to bear the burden of excessive use of the brakes. If it’s a mix of both try a neutral approach, with wet tires for wet conditions.
  • Soft tires are great for speed, but keep an eye on the tire meter. Especially if you prefer to watch the race at an accelerated speed. A dilemma might not always be there to alert you of the need for a pit stop, but quickly dropping 5 positions might!
  • If your drivers are doing well, enter the strategy menu to ‘conserve ‘ their resources and take the strain off of their equipment. Likewise – particularly when using soft tires – enter the pit stop for the final time when entering the final 1/3 of the race. You don’t want to be making a pit stop or face an in-game dilemma on the penultimate lap.

Let’s talk business 

IMG_1575.PNG IMG_1578.PNG
Only half the game actually takes place on the track. The other half is equally, if not more important – and that is what goes on behind the scenes, in preparation for the big race.

  • When you take a look at the car performance breakdown screen, you’ll see where best to invest money in your team. While Aerodynamics is important for a nimble and lightweight car, the Design and Manufacturing divisions play a greater role in overall racing performance, so put money into their headquarters and staff first.
  • Keep an eye out for hints on the in-game social media. If fans and critics don’t rate a driver, maybe it’s time to release him (or perhaps wait it out if there is only a few months on his contract) and look for some new talent? The Young Drivers program – once unlocked – yields low cost but talented individuals that can breathe some life into your team.

Ultimately, Motorsport Manager rewards dedication and perseverance. Players should shrug off the occasional nightmare run (in which their car basically falls to pieces out of nowhere), dig their heels in, and strap-in for the long haul. If they, do they’ll see satisfying results and a team worth their weight in gold (or just loads of imaginary money, really).

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