Gameloft has a penchant for “recreating” console hits on the iPhone. They’ve done GTA with Gangstar, Halo with NOVA, Tony Hawk with Skater Nation, Diablo with Dungeon Hunter… the list goes on and on. Their newest recreation is GT Racing, the closest thing that the iPhone has to Gran Turismo.

GT Racing includes “100 fully licensed vehicles spread across 25 actual manufacturers” and has “a career mode, authentic 6-player races, competed locally or online with over 60 events to compete in and numerous customizable options throughout the game.” As expected from Gameloft, GT Racing looks very slick, with graphics that look to rival any other racing game on the iPhone. The initial iTunes reviews are quite solid, so I fully expect the game to be pretty solid. Now only if I had an iPad to play it on a big screen…

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Released: 2010-02-08 :: Category: Games :: Simulation

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