Granted it's only been a day, but I've already found myself surprised. On the surface Ninja Pizza Girl seems like it might end up being a fairly typical endless runner, but in reality it's something altogether different.

There's no "endlessness" to it, but rather a series of 24 levels with branching paths and secret areas. What really stuck out to me, though, is Disparity Games' different approach to a health bar. Rather than taking damage, Gemma (the main character) will lose some of her self esteem as rival ninjas push her down and laugh at her. Seriously, they actually do that. The more Gemma's feelings get hurt, the more washed-out the screen will start to look, and if she gets too upset she'll simply give up.

There's still a lot of work to be done on Ninja Pizza Girl when it eventually releases at the end of the year - with separate iPhone (estimated at $2.99) and iPad (estimated at $4.99) versions available - but what's there is looking pretty good. If nothing else, it's certainly refreshing to see a game that's willing to explore less typical themes and take a new approach to player "health."

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