Space Arena guide - How to survive in this space shooter

Posted by Campbell Bird on April 27th, 2018
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The “.io” concept that essentially began with back in 2015, but since then it’s been going strong. Tons of games have been coming out that adopt its permadeath multiplayer gameplay formula, and many have even just attached an “.io” to the end of their name to let people know what they’re in for.

The latest of these games to come out is Space Arena, which shoves many of the base concepts of an “.io” game into a rather nice-looking space shooter. There are a few unique aspects to though, so check out this guide to help you in your quest for galactic domination against others online.

Don’t always focus on getting a bigger ship has a leveling up system in it that lets players choose how to make their ships better once they’ve gathered enough blue gems from flying around the environment or shooting down other players. One of the more expensive (and beneficial) of these upgrades is the ability to make your ship bigger. This is advantageous because it gives you more hit points, but it’s not always the thing you want to focus on first.

The problem with making your ship bigger is that you become a bigger target. You are also seen as more of a threat by other players. Sometimes, it’s better to lay low with a smaller ship and spend your upgrades elsewhere until you feel adequately powerful to rule the solar system.

When you respawn, spend your gems

Whenever you die in, you don’t automatically get removed from the match you’re in. You can respawn up to two times for free, which is a nice little addition that can allow you to get revenge on pilots that took you down.

Something you want to take note of when you respawn though is that you start with a portion of the gems you earned in your previous run immediately available for you to use, so make sure you spend them. Although it doesn’t quite let you upgrade back up to where you were, it allows you to get close to where you were when you died so you can be back up and running as a contender quickly.

Try to make friends if you can doesn’t always have to be about shooting other players down. The game features a chat function that you can actually use to your advantage, provided another player is willing to listen.

With simple commands like “Together” or “Kill Leader,” you can coordinate with other players and actually create gameplay moments that aren’t just about having a free-for-all deathmatch in space. That said, everyone in eventually wants the top spot, so your mileage might vary when it comes to cooperating with others.

Be careful about shield usage

One of the more powerful things you can do in is deploy a shield. The shield is great because it actually makes you completely invulnerable to attacks for the cost of a mere 50 gems, that said, you don’t just want to use it willy nilly.

You see, in deploying your shield, you also sacrifice your ability to shoot while you’re protected. This makes it only really a smart move if you’re trying to flee combat. Best uses for it are if you run low on ammo in the middle of a fight or run across someone who is much more powerful than you.

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