Five for Friday: Week of February 25, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on February 25th, 2011

Trapped 3D:
Trapped 3D combines a 3D logic puzzle with an urgency to keep a robot fueled with energy. Getting the robot to each stage's exit is only hampered by locked doors, blocks that need to be moved, and a robot that is constantly running out of juice. Currently there are 24 mind numbing puzzles, with another 24 on the way. If you have ever wanted to feel like a rat searching for cheese in a maze, this may well be a way to fill that need.
[itmsapp: 420284891]

Angry Rhino Rampage:
Angry Rhino Rampage takes the constant running game and injects it with one insanely upset rhinoceros. The rhino starts running at a slow pace, but soon it is full bore sprinting. Fruit carts, poachers, and rock piles stand no chance against the fury that fuels this rhino. There are even rhino facts to add just a bit of education to the overall game. Addiction comes in many forms, even raging animals.
[itmsapp: 419425406]

Falling Fred:
Those jumping to super heights games are a dime a dozen. It’s time to take that premise and change it up. Instead of jumping, players are now falling through an endless tunnel. The goal is to try and avoid the inevitable for as long as possible: becoming a bloodstain on the walls. With 20 different obstacles, keeping Fred’s head on may be a task only for those with quick reflexes. Players can even share their “landings” with one another via Facebook and Twitter.
[itmsapp: 414729389]

Got a library of music on your computer that you want to wirelessly stream to your stereo? WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone into a wireless audio receiver. No more syncing music folders, long cords draped across the floor, or moving a computer next to your stereo. Just fire up the desktop app, load your favorite computer audio app, and let the wireless streaming goodness commence. Wirelessly streaming high quality audio just got easier.
[itmsapp: 417409424]

World Atlas:
Paper maps are quickly becoming an antique form of navigation. World Atlas brings on the power of several map types into one good looking app. Political maps, physical maps, time zones, and even satellite maps are all available in one convenient location. Even better, these maps are not of just one regional area, but the entire world. Quickly, and easily, find cities, distances, and directions all in one app.
[itmsapp: 419360365]

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