Exclusive: MouthOff™ for iPhone, Goes Hell-oween!

Posted by Arron Hirst on October 6th, 2009
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You know Ustwo™ right? You can't miss them. They're the guys who seem™ to™ love putting '™' after everything™. But, more than that, they're also the iPhone development studio behind thinking up and creating the 48-hour apps concept. The concept being, they create a set of 6 exclusive applications, and each application is developed within 48 hours, from concept to final product. The first of which you've probably had the pleasure of being introduced to, .™. You may have seen this viral?

Well today, the studio are announcing that they're about to release a spooky update to their popular real-time mouth simulator MouthOff™, just in time for Halloween.

They're calling it, MouthOff™ Hell-oween™.

If you're not familiar with MouthOff™ yet, it's a real-time mouth simulator. The app basically allows you to control various well-designed cartoon mouths, by using just your voice. The app picks up on background noise via the iPhone's microphone .. and the results are - undoubtedly - laugh out loud hilarious.

As seen in this video with Jimsy using one of
Jon Burgerman's signature mouths for MouthOff™

This update will include four new mouths for you to get chatty with, including: a vampire, a zombie, a pumpkin and that frankenstein-looking dude (as seen above). You won't have to wait long either. Ustwo™ tells us that this update has already been submitted to the App Store as of Today (October 6th), and should hit shortly. So, stay tuned!

MouthOff™ screenshot 1 MouthOff™ screenshot 2 MouthOff™ screenshot 3 MouthOff™ screenshot 4
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