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Twenty48 Solitaire takes parts of two of the most popular mobile games, and squishes them together to create a surprisingly addictive experience. Honestly, it's the sort of game that you're going to pick up for five minutes, only to glance up at the clock and see that you've been playing for 40 years.

But while it might seem random, there are actually some tricks you can perform to get even better scores. And since it feels like we've already put about 40 years into the game, it seemed sensible to write them down so you don't have to. If you've got your own suggestions, feel free to chuck them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Twenty48 Solitaire iOS guide screenshot - The start of a game

The double rule

It might sound silly to say, but the key to the game is doubles. When you get a card, look to see what else is out there. You want to be placing it on a card that's of a higher number if there isn't a match. And, if you can put it on a card that's double its number, you're setting yourself up for a chain reaction.

Look for 2048

When you get a card up to 2048, it clears everything on its stack. That means you can get rid of a mistake and get a clear space to start over. If you're in a tricky situation and need to place a card that's going to get you in trouble, look at your stacks and decide which of them is least likely to hit the top score, and cover that one.

Keep one stack free

Often you're going to end up with cards that you can't lay in a useful way. It's a good idea to have one stack from the start that's there to soak up these mistakes. You can still clear things from there when it's useful, but it means you've got three full stacks to focus on scoring with, while the fourth acts as a run-off for bad cards.

Twenty48 Solitaire iOS guide screenshot - The stacks get longer

Discard is king

Sometimes you're going to need to chuck a card away in order to keep going. Don't waste your discards, and don't be afraid to watch videos to get more of them. Undos aren't as important, but if you make a silly mistake it's a good idea to change it back, otherwise those big scores are going to be out of reach.

Go wild

Before you put down your Wild cards, check to see you're getting the best use out of them. You should always be chasing 2048, so find the stack where that's most likely to happen and use the Wild card there. And don't be worried about shifting your strategy when events in the game take a turn. Sometimes you're going to need to abandon one stack and focus on scoring on the others. Other times a stack you'd thought lost will suddenly come back into play. Adapt and win.

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