I dropped by the IndieCade area in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center today at E3, and saw a bunch of cool looking, upcoming iOS and Android games. Each developer was on hand to show off their games, letting me tap and swipe my way around in their digital worlds. Here are three of the best that I saw at the show today.

Moro is a puzzle platformer game with a little robot that needs to get through each level. The catch? You'll need to move stuff around, activate panels, and open doors to make that happen. It's a neat mash up of a couple of addictive genres. Moro should be out soon for iOS and Android.

[vine blFmqKUYmuB]

Forsaken Planet is out now on Android and PC, coming soon to iOS, the developers assured me. It's a fun, colorful, multi-player shooter, and you'll want to play it now. Check out the video below, and be sure to visit them online.

[vine blFmb9MXuvA]

Greg Lobanov was on hand to show off his deceptively simple shape matching iOS game, Perfection. He schooled me on how to best slice the initial shape, which is procedurally generated, so you'll never run out of puzzles to solve. Later levels include scale and rotation in the mix.

[vine blFmMnqwjix]

And last, but surely not least, is Luxuria Suburbia, an erotic iPad game that includes lots of rubbing, touching, and tapping. The developers weren't on hand to demo it properly, but the Spaceteam dev stepped up to give a...hand. Check out the first level in the Vine video below.

[vine blFmiXBXFlr]

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