Don’t Wait for the Next Taxi, Hail Your Own with NexTaxi!

Posted by Rob Rich on July 31st, 2013
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Universal TranWare has been digitally improving upon taxi and limousine services for years, and they’ve just released their latest handy bit of tech onto the App Store.

NexTaxi is an app that keeps the rider’s needs in mind. Thanks to their iOS device’s GPS functionality users can call for and track a taxi, while the app finds a nearby licensed (very important) car to send. It actually integrates into the dispatching system to make finding a cab (and a fare) easier and faster. Users can also pay for their ride directly through the app with no need to fish for pocket change.

Anyone who uses cabs with any regularity can download NexTaxi for free right now and enjoy using the service throughout one of close to 50 different cities, including New York, Orlando, Iowa City, Augusta, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, the Chicago area, and more.

NexTaxi screenshot 1 NexTaxi screenshot 2 NexTaxi screenshot 3 NexTaxi screenshot 4 NexTaxi screenshot 5
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