Dissidia Final Fantasy OO - Master the Bravery system

It's time to get brave. Specifically, we're going to talk about how to master the Bravery system that is at the very heart of combat in Dissidia Final Fantasy OO, which makes battles a matter of good timing even though they are 100 percent turn-based.

If you've played the Dissidia Final Fantasy console games, you already have at least an idea of how Bravery works. Every character has a Bravery or BRV score, which is displayed to the right of the health bars for the characters on your team and above the bars of your enemies.

Here's how it comes into play.

Why a high Bravery score is good, and how to make it better

The most important thing your Bravery score does is determine how much damage your character does with normal or HP attacks. Since the ultimate goal is still to reduce your opponents to zero HP, that's no small thing.

But Bravery can ebb and flow in battles because you can use your BRV attack to steal Bravery from enemies -- and they can do the same to you. That's why battles in Dissidia Final Fantasy OO come down to choices about when to switch from BRV attacks to HP attacks. Generally, you'll want to open with BRV attacks first to build up the Bravery of your characters before switching to HP attacks, because you'll not only do damage when you do, but you'll also be limiting the amount of damage you'll take back in return.

The biggest factor in timing this choice, though,is that any time you perform an HP attack, your Bravery will drop all the way to zero, meaning you'll have to build it back up. There's also one more thing you'll want to keep in mind while making these decisions.

How to cause a BRV break

Enemies who have had their Bravery reduced below zero will enter a BRV break state, which you'll know because of the red text above their health bars. While in a BRV break, every hit scored against any character will be a critical hit.

Even in that state, enemies can still provide you with Bravery if you decide to keep using BRV attacks, so it's not an automatic sign to switch over to HP attacks but it is a better time to do it if you're on the fence. Also, remember that enemies can put your characters in BRV breaks as well, making it critical that they get some Bravery back as soon as possible the next time they act.

Abilities can affect Bravery too

Every character in Dissidia Final Fantasy OO has special abilities that can be activated a limited number of times in a battle. While abilities can run the gamut of effects, including direct HP damage, healing, buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies, some can also alter the Bravery flow by providing it for your teammates or draining it from opponents.

The best way to put this to use effectively is to study up on the active abilities for each character as you recruit him or her to your team while advancing through the game. That way you'll know whether they need to be factored into your decision-making when it comes to Bravery, allowing you to maximize your combat effectiveness even more.

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