Previously, Square Enix has simply ported old games (Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II) or given us smaller, unambitious titles. But back in March, a new iPhone-exclusive game was announced on their Facebook page: Chaos Rings. We're very interested in this title, because it'll be Square's first full-blown attempt at a complete RPG designed exclusively for the iPhone platform. Some details have already been released, but we've got some new info, too.

So what do we know so far? Chaos Rings' plot will revolve around a battle tournament in which five teams of two fight to the death for the ultimate prize: eternal life. Each group features a separate storyline, with all five tying together at the end. As for the technical quality of the game, it's actually pretty impressive—don't judge this by the screenshots, look at the trailer! The 3D graphics are shockingly good. Not console-quality good, but definitely a step up from most iPhone games.

As for the battle system, it relies on strategically balancing your partners. There are "Solo" and "Pair" attack options; attacking in a pair might do more damage, but it also places both of your characters at risk. Following the tournament-based premise, teamwork is crucial. You'll also have access to "Genes," which provide special skills and magical powers. One weird detail posted with the new information is the differences between male and female characters. Each team is a man/woman pair, with the male characters being stronger and the female characters being fast but more fragile. Was sexism really necessary?

That caveat aside, Chaos Rings looks very interesting. It'll be the first "real" JRPG for the iPhone, after all, complete with turn-based battles and 3D graphics. We expect only the best from Square Enix. Chaos Rings' release date is unknown, but the developer claims that things are moving ahead of schedule. In the meantime, check out the new screenshots!

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