From the same people that brought you the well-loved frantic shooter MiniSquadron, MrFungFung has today announced their next title – Fox vs. Duck. From the teaser trailer released below (the only piece of info currently available on the game), it seems we might be in for a tap, drag and avoid game here.

Described as poetic with addictive and hypnotic gameplay, the game focuses on the two main contrasted factors of life. Prey and Predator .. Life and Death. Quite obviously at this point, the game has two characters, a fox and a duck. It seems to me that the aim of this game will be to play as duck and ultimately avoid being killed by fox, by dragging duck around the virtual pond.

“It’s an experience that is like nothing else in the App Store. Expect the same high levels of quality, polish and intuitive controls that we used in MiniSquadron, for an unrivaled experience in gaming.”

The official site for Fox vs Duck is and according to the studio, the game is set to hit our screens sometime this March. Exact pricing is yet to be announced.

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