Ever wonder how your favorite iOS games are actually developed? Sure, there's plenty of typing code in and creating graphics, but the actual process of planning out the game can be a massive endeavour in itself. Supersonic, developers of Top Gear: Stunt School, is certainly pursing a pretty unique way of organizing a new title: courtesy of the past eight years of the team's lives!

Their lofty ambition revolves around The World's Biggest Wordsearch, a game that does exactly what the name suggests. It'll feature over 5,500 words and more than 40 hours worth of gameplay, as well as, hopefully, feature in the Guinness Book of World Records. Like any sensible person, I had to ask the team why exactly they wanted to pursue such an idea: "We’ve been developing puzzles for nearly 10 years now, making interactive products as well as selling to newspapers and magazines…we thought making the World’s Biggest Wordsearch would appeal to lots of people – and make our puzzles stand out…it’s kind of cool to be a world record holder."

The puzzle has been eight years in the making, with the actual process to get things right quite involved. "The raw building blocks (lots of themed areas) have all been hand made over the years. Gluing them altogether, interlocking them, making sure there are ZERO repeat words, making sure that there are no swear words accidentally hidden in the puzzle, picking trophy words, inserting a secret message, designing Quests, etc. has taken forever!"

It sounds a hugely complex project and one that's obviously being taken very seriously. Like so many other projects, however, Supersonic need a helping hand in the latter stages of development, which is where Kickstarter comes in. Uniquely though, and for a short time only, contribute more than $32 to the cause and besides gaining a huge poster of the puzzle and copies of the game, your name is also featured in the puzzle and you've cemented your place as a joint record holder.

The World's Biggest Wordsearch sounds like quite the project and we'll be interested in seeing how things turn out for Supersonic.

If you're interested in learning more or contributing, check out their Kickstarter project page.

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