Crazy Taxi: City Rush Announced - Hitting iOS later this year

Posted by Jeff Scott on March 14th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Crazy Taxi: City Rush, is the upcoming casual arcade title from Sega, inspired by the great classic, Crazy Taxi. In the original game (also available on iOS here), you drive around a city inspired by San Francisco looking for fairs and delivering them to their destinations. City Rush takes similar gameplay and makes it feel a bit more like an endless runner - but keeps the Crazy Taxi wacky flair.

In its decidedly early state, the game shows a lot of promise. Set up to be a free-to-play game (you can tell by the in-game currencies and an energy system), it will all come down to how restrictive the energy system is. A restrictive energy system will kill a good game as it saps your will to come back after a while.

But, gameplay monetization aside, the game is fast paced, fun, well made, and I'm always happy to have more Crazy Taxi. We've got exclusive video below of a couple runs with the game. We are expecting the game to launch later this year, though it's in soft launch now.

iPhone Screenshots

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Crazy Taxi screenshot 1 Crazy Taxi screenshot 2 Crazy Taxi screenshot 3 Crazy Taxi screenshot 4 Crazy Taxi screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Crazy Taxi screenshot 6 Crazy Taxi screenshot 7 Crazy Taxi screenshot 8 Crazy Taxi screenshot 9 Crazy Taxi screenshot 10
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