Crap of Defense. Yes, This Is The Title.

Posted by Chris Hall on February 5th, 2010

This isn't a joke, well at least the title isn't. The tagline on the e-mail that I got about the game was "IFUN4ALL AIMS TO CREATE WORST GAME EVER ;)". They really do know the way to a man's heart. The e-mail goes on to say,"Games developer and publisher iFun4all is quick to expand his portfolio of game series in most bizarre way one could think of. They’ve created game so bad that the best title producers could think of was Crap of Defense. To achieve such horrible quality company CEOs limited the budget to equivalent of 500 Russian Roubles and tried to combine remote work of “cost effective” workers worldwide."

“Our idea was to make tower–of–defense type of game and reverse the concept” says Fülöp Mészáros, one of most world–renown Hungarian designers (out of two). “In normal ToD game you place the towers and they shoot automatically. In our game you have your tower already placed and you shoot it yourself. It has to be fun!” continues Fülöp, who was fired from the company as soon as beta tests proved correctness of his assumptions (or rather lack of it)."

I don't often get excited about app previews without awesome trailers, but if Rudy's "Country Store" taught me anything, it's that you should always trust things that claim they are the worst.

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