Trivia games on a variety of different devices are pretty important these days when I attend a family gathering. They ensure we're all on pretty equal footing, from my 10 year old cousins to my 88 year old grandmother. Admittedly the grandmother is still confused by the 'fancy TV playing things' (her words) but everyone else is happy.

Confidence: The Game for iPhone and iPad comes out sometime quite soon and looks ideal for our Easter meet up. Offering 2,500 questions in an impressive 250 categories, there's certainly going to be a lot to do. Some pretty varied categories are on offer from World Leaders to Disney Movies and Chemistry so this should be one for all abilities.

Developers The App House also promise that players can compete against AI opponents as well as their friends and family. The real unique thing about it sets to be the confidence part of the title however where players rank their confidence - how good they think they are - depending on the category and thus gaining more points for the chosen subject.

The video certainly looks promising so this certainly looks like one to watch out for in the coming month.

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