Fixer Studios is a newly announced collaborative effort spearheaded by Christopher Langmuir, Avery Alix, and Eric Olson. Unlike most development houses with a relatively fixed stable of people, Fixer is a bit more flexible; with a group of thirty industry veterans that rotate in and out of projects. It makes this work by keeping Fixer in the cloud, and utilizing satellite offices.

It's first project, Sinister Dexter, is a mystical turn-based ode to pen-and-paper game Spellbinder. Per the informational release, "wizards engage in one-­on-­one turn-­based duels where strategy and foresight are key to emerging victorious. Players choose choreographed recipes of hand gestures culled from their spellbook to cast powerful magic on their opponents. Each turn, players carefully choose the specific order of hand gestures needed to cast their desired spell."

No official publishing date has been set yet, but this is one that is probably worth keeping an eye out for.

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