Having already its teeth previously with the game in prior titles Klondike Solitaire and Tripeaks Solitaire, mobile developer Forsbit is once again hoping to reinvent the traditional card game by (quite literally) providing a unique spin. Spider Solitaire is the perfect pastime for when you’re waiting in line, twiddling your thumbs, or just generally have a few minutes to spare.

Hoping to capture players in its web via a suite of subtle additions, Spider Solitaire takes the card-sorting game you already know far beyond initial expectation. Such features include a unique achievement system that unlocks rewards upon each play session, casino-quality random shuffles to always ensure a fair game, as well as an appreciated “drag and drop” control set up that helps players make light work of stacking numbers and suits as necessary.

Spider Solitaire makes it easy for players to choose the appropriate difficulty level, with 1 suit games perfect for those wanting to relax while improving their brain age, and 2 - 4 suit game modes requiring an extra degree of puzzle-solving skill. Better still, an unlimited undo ability and automatic hints are always on hand if ever the cards get too stacked against you.

Much more than the usual solo venture Solitaire is predominantly known for, Forsbit’s eight-legged variant lets you measure up against other players by way of a Global Game Centre leaderboard. Work your way up the ranks, compare, and improve, before sharing your score with others online using Spider Solitaire’s appreciated social media integration.

Download and experience this 21st century update to one of the world’s most popular card games. Spider Solitaire is free to play now on both iOS and Android.

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