So, there is a new Call of Duty game that arrived on iOS today. Yeah, it pretty much came out of no where. Almost as if it were a “ghost!”

It’s called Call of Duty: Strike Team and it’s been built from the ground up for mobile devices. Pocket Gamer reports that it features both third-person and first-person viewpoints that can be used throughout a campaign and survival mode.

CoDST2Call of Duty: Strike Team enables the player to switch out of the first-person view when things calm down on the battlefield and use third-person for missions that require a little bit of recon for coordinated squad based attacks. Wow, I pretty much just mentioned Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Ghost Recon in one sentence. Ok, I really need to play it now!

Players are able to customize their squad’s weapons, perks, and body armor so that they can build a team that fits them best. It’s probably important since players are going to be traveling all over the world while experiencing many cinematic moments which are surely full of explosions and chaos. There is only one thing that seems to be missing – multiplayer! What the shazbot is up with that? At least there is a leaderboard for survival mode…


source: Pocket Gamer