Boundless Textbooks is a new app that is perfect for those in school, turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into an alternative for those large, heavy, and expensive books that are required for class. You can use its interactive features to help you study once you find a book through the app’s online store. The interactive material includes flashcards, chapter outlines, highlights, and more.

Begin your studies!


● Review Key Concepts: Imagine if your professor went through the textbook and summarized readings for you. Pretty sweet, eh? Boundless SmartNotes do just that.
● Interactive Notebook: Highlight important terms and add notes to key concepts. View all your notes and highlights in an easily sortable notebook that you can organize by time or book chapter.
● Test Yourself: To prep for those pesky exams, use Boundless quizzes and flashcards to review key terms and concepts. Flip through flashcards on your iPhone while you’re waiting for coffee or take a quiz from your bus seat.