Boat Watch is a new app from Pocket Mariner which allows users to spot boats and ships and follow them in real-time on a detailed map. The app also features a capability that alerts the user of when a ship they are tracking has arrived or left port.

“A great use of this feature is tracking a favorite local lifeboat or Coast Guard ship,” said Steve Bennett, CEO of Pocket Mariner, in a press release. “By marking a vessel as a favorite, you’ll get automatic alerts when it launches and then follow its mission live on Boat Watch. I have actually used it to track a lifeboat and seen it rescue a man overboard, which was really exciting.”


App Features
* Spot any boat or ship via real-time AIS
* See the Name, Type and Destination of each vessel
* Set any boat as a “Favorite,” and automatically track it on the map
* Search and find boats and places
* Share boats on Facebook, Twitter or by email