Big Viking is partnering with comics giant Valiant Entertainment to bring its massive universe to life in a series of HTML5 games for Facebook’s new Instant Games platform. Big Viking, which specializes in creating HTML5 gaming experiences, plans on converting Valiant’s prolific collection of comics, which include the likes of Bloodshot and Harbinger, into a series of mobile games. Valiant is third only to DC Comics and Marvel, their immense library of work containing over 2,000 characters having sold over 80 million copies over the years.

The five-year content partnership is the first of its kind for the fledgling HTML5 games platform. The games will mainly be distributed amongst social networking platforms and messaging services like Instant Games in an attempt to get an edge on this new form of mobile gaming. In doing so, Valiant hopes to draw established fans and newcomers alike to its popular comic book series.

Big Viking is one of the largest independent mobile studios in Canada, so they have a good deal of experience within the industry as they head into this partnership. Having been established in 2011, their portfolio includes YoWorld and Fish World. This is just the first in what could be a huge spread of partnerships as HTML5 games potentially begin to take off.

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