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Where does the time go? Why it feels like only yesterday I was writing this list for last week's releases. Anyway, you know the drill by now. Every seven days we round up the best games that have come out on the App Store. This week? No different.

As usual you'll find download links so you can hurl your internet in the direction of iTunes and grab the games without too much hassle. And, if for any reason you think we've missed something off the list, make sure to let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Comic Boy - download for iOS

A platformer inspired by Comix Hero, the classic Sega leaper. This one is, as you might expect, far more tailored to the mobile side of things. It plays brilliantly in short bursts, and while it's not going to revolutionize the genre, it's still well worth picking up.

Spike City - download for iOS

Another one from Nitrome. This is a swipey slidey platformer that's all about super quick reactions. There's an endless mode, unlockable levels, and plenty more besides. It's not the best Nitrome game, but it's definitely better than about 94% of the garbage that turns up on the App Store. And it's free. - download for iOS

I'm not sure when .io became a prefix meaning an arena-based online fighting game, but here we are. This one's far more polished than all the others. Run around in 3D tossing axes at your enemies. Last person standing wins. It's dumb, simple fun, but if that's the sort of thing that you're after you're going to love it.

Blendin - download for iOS

This one's another one that's all about reactions. The idea is simpler though. You've got four colored buttons along the bottom of the screen. Tap one and the ball under your control changes to that hue. You need to navigate a series of obstacles. If you're ever the wrong color it's game over and back to the start.

Lazaretto - download for iOS

A spooky horror game set in an abandoned asylum. As you might expect, things don't go well for the urban explorers who decided to go and have a look. There's a dank and dark atmosphere here, and while there are a few shocking moments, the game knows exactly how to make you wait for them.

Dungeon X Dungeon - download for iOS

A super-looking platformer that's all about smashing through dungeons. There's a lot going on here, so it's not one for casual players. But if you like you're leaping around to have some weight to it, there's a game here that you're likely to fall in love with.

Agent Wonky - download for iOS

What would happen if those silly physics games had guns in them? Agent Wonky would happen. It's the sort of thing you play for half an hour and have a good cackle about. It might not last much longer than that, but sometimes you just want a brief moment of joy before collapsing back into the gray world.

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