'Aves' Could Be A Hit For Both Ears

Posted by Chris Hall on July 31st, 2009

I've found over the past few months that e-mails are a very personal thing. Some people/developers send long descriptions about their apps, listing every detail in an attempt to get me interested, while some just send me copies of press releases that hype their apps with their quality hype words like "killer" and "groundbreaking". Very rarely do I get an e-mail that provides absolutely no information yet holds my interest.

A few days back, I got an e-mail from Jeff, who is presumably the head guy at Action = Reaction Games. I'd recap the e-mail, but instead I'll just post some of it.

Just wanted to drop you a tip on an upcoming, fully 3D, iPhone game that will shock and amaze your ears. The video link attached is a little unorthodox ed, but it is designed to first demonstrate the binaural audio technology, and then introduce the game (from an audio perspective). Please wear your best headphones!

Watch this!

Jeff's Top 5 Favorite Things from Bird vs. Alligator on Vimeo.

More videos coming that will show the amazing 3D physics engine we've built as well.

After having the video pique my interest, I decided to follow the trail to the website, where I found some screenshots (one of them sits on top of this post) of the upcoming game, but an equal amount of non-information. All I know now is that the game is set for release this summer, and that, if the cryptic video proves anything, it should be an audio tour-de-force.

On a brilliant bit of investigation, Brendan Lutz, our trusty e-mail ninja, found this follow up video on the app. He showed it to me first, and now I shall lovingly pass it on to you. Enjoy!

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