New App: Autodesk Starforce Battlement

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 31st, 2012
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Autodesk is known for computer assisted drawing apps from the way back, but this is a real-time strategy game that shows off their new Autodesk Scaleform Mobile SDK, which features hardware accelerated graphics and streamlined mobile deployment, so there.

The year is 3072 and humanity is at war. Galactic colonization brought about a golden age for humanity, filled with abundant resources and a new way of life. But greed is never far when wealth is at stake. Humanity has broken into two factions: the United Earth Alliance (UEA) and the Outlier Forces, a rebel group who will stop at nothing to steal wealth and resources from the UEA.

You are a general in the UEA and it’s your job to defend colony outposts throughout the galaxy. You have a full arsenal at your disposal: UEA mechs, tanks, infantry, and the ability to call in orbital strikes.

iPad Screenshots

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Autodesk® Starforce Battlement screenshot 1 Autodesk® Starforce Battlement screenshot 2 Autodesk® Starforce Battlement screenshot 3 Autodesk® Starforce Battlement screenshot 4
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