Asphalt 5 Coming Soon

Posted by Chris Hall on September 23rd, 2009

Being a huge fan of good arcade racing games on the iPhone (i.e. Need For Speed: Undercover, Asphalt 4), this title is pretty high on my 'want to play very soon list'. My only complaint of the last Asphalt game was that the graphics just weren't quite as good as some other racing games in the app store (see NFS). While I have no new screenshots to show or details, the Asphalt 5 demo at WWDC was quite revealing. The graphics look quite amazing, courses are quite interactive with short cuts throughout, and there is going to be worldwide WIFI multiplayer... something that, if done right, could make this game an instant iPhone classic. Well, until the next $6-$9 iPhone classic comes out... they seem to be a dime a dozen these days. Anyways, enjoy this new promo video. It's quite slick and stylishly unrevealing.

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