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Posted by Chris Hall on January 15th, 2010
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Getting into the App Store top 10 is an art form. Some get in by making great apps that blow peoples minds, while others create tools that change lives. Some put the word "boob" in the app title (which shockingly works), but I don't condone such actions. The newest way though, and this seems to be all the rage today, is to create a reference guide to the most popular console game on the market and name it as close to the title as possible. Mike Keller of Meek Is Murder hit the jackpot today with his latest app "MW2", which is very clearly a reference guide, hinted by the first sentence in the iTunes description "*This is not a game- it is a reference guide*".

Apparently just using the name MW2 did it for enough people to make the app reach #4 on the Paid Apps list, but some weren't pleased at all. Customers like 'VSP226' apparently just click on apps that sound good. He wrote "Worthless, update the title of the app". The customer 'tagice' may have said it best. "it would be alot better if i could actual PLAY THE GAME on here". 'tagice', obviously not impressed with the sleek interface or the attention to detail, gave MW2 one star.

For the most part, MW2 seems quite polished for what it is... a sleek reference guide for the hit console game, Modern Warfare 2. Please, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, don't be dumb. Read app descriptions before you buy your apps.

Modern Unlocks 2

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-01-07 :: Category: Game


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