Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide - how to craft the best amenities

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 28th, 2017
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As you continue to make progress inAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you'll start focusing on building amenities, the more complex structures you can craft to really make your campsite shine. These amenities require a lot of materials that are sometimes hard to come by. Fear not, though. We're here to show you how you can set to building and keep those upgrades coming. Off we go!

Keep friends that give cotton out of your camp -- for now

Pay attention to the awards different animals give you for completing requests. If they give away cotton, don't invite them to your campsite just yet. Animals in your campsite will make requests less regularly, so it's better to leave the animals with cotton roaming the park on their own so you can reap the benefits. Your goal is to get as much cotton as possible, afterall.

Use those request tickets

Save your request tickets for animals that reward you with cotton. This is the best way to increase your cotton stores quickly. If you use them only for this purpose, you shouldn't find yourself running short on request tickets too often. You'll earn more for completing goals and levelling up.

Craft other items wisely

You might want to craft some other furniture while making your way to those coveted amenities, which is all well and good. We recommend that you focus on items that don't require cotton or a large amount of other materials just to stay on the safe side. It's also well worth talking to Tommy in the Market Place to see what furniture he's selling for the day. Bells are a lot easier to come buy than some of these crafting materials.

Watch out for relevant timed quests and quarry offers

Be mindful of the quests and quarry offers available to you. Sometimes you'll receive goals that reward you with cotton and other rare materials. Try your best to complete these goals whenever they come up. The quarry is often not worth the effort, but if you see cotton or another material you need come up there, it's well worth rallying your friends to gain entry.

How many amenities have you crafted so far inAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Let us know in the comments below.

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