PDFs are often scanned in from paper, being forms designed to be signed with a pen. However, because of the digital format, this makes actually applying a signature to PDFs a challenge, especially from desktop computers. Well, Adobe is now making it possible for iOS devices, especially the iPad, to get around this problem with the new update to Adobe Reader. The new ink signature tool makes it simple to sign usng a finger or stylus. After a signature is added, it's then possible to easily add it on other forms with a single tap. By tapping and holding, the signature can be moved and scaled. As well, the thickness can be modified, the color changed, and opacity altered.

As well, it's now easy to use Adobe EchoSign to get other people to sign documents. As well, it makes it possible to be notified when a signature is applied. This makes it easier than ever to handle document signatures thanks to the iPad. The free update is available now.

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