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Posted by Chris Hall on February 5th, 2010

With all the iPad mumbo-jumbo going around, I decided to ask an industry vet about the situation. I got in contact with Keith Adair, I-play's VP of Sales & Marketing to ask some questions about where I-play is going, where the App Store will go, and most importantly, where Waldo is. You'd think he would be easier to find with those stripes!

Chris (148apps) - First off, hello! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Ok, so the main concern that people have with the tablet is the lack of a need to own it. With computers and iPhones already flooding the market, the iPad seems to be a luxury only item. Obviously its need is up for debate, but does I-play, as a gaming developer, worry about the possibility of the gaming demographic passing up on the iPad?

Keith (I-play) - One of the most exciting developments of the past few years is that the concept of the “gamer demographic” is quickly fading, especially when looking at mobile or casual games. We see across every platform we create games for, that all types of people now play games. These people want to play their favorite games on every screen and every platform they have. iPad will offer fun, intuitive gaming experiences that will further expand the market to new players.

Chris (148apps) - Let's assume the best here and imagine a world where everyone has an iPad. What do you think will be the breakout genres, given the larger screen? I have a feeling that the older market will jump all over the board game/card game apps, just because the apps will be much easier to see and control on the large screen, but counting on the older market to get into gaming is probably risky.

Keith (I-play) - The iPad seems to be a perfect match for casual games, and we expect to see some of the best selling casual game genres do very well on this platform. Hidden object, match-three and time-management games will work very well with the touch capabilities and larger screen size. And do not count out older game players – they represent some of our most avid and loyal fans. I would not be surprised if the iPad draws an older audience in general – the simplicity of use and the larger screen make it a very attractive media/internet device for older consumers. And of course with the wireless and 3G capabilities on the iPad, we expect to see growing socially-connected capabilities across all genres.

Chris (148apps) - Does I-play have any iPad specific games in the works? I know that the games will be compatible on both devices, so I'm looking for some apps that will specifically take advantage of the form factor.

Keith (I-play) - I-play is committed to creating compelling games across multiple platforms. We, of course, seek to leverage the advantages of each of these platforms and are excited about the capabilities of the iPad. Initially we will work towards enhancing our current iPhone/iPod Touch games to take advantage of the improved resolution of the iPad. An example of a game that could be potentially amazing on the iPad is our recently released Paradise Quest. With a larger screen you will have an even more engaging experience and really have the opportunity to enjoy the artwork and unique style of gameplay. Another example would be the potential for cross-promotions between our innovative hidden-object games based on the works of bestselling authors, such as James Patterson, Agatha Christie and Nora Roberts, and the e-books by the same author.

Chris (148apps) - Ok, this is a bit unorthodox, but let's just freestyle this last question. Tell me something that I don't know. Make it juicy... make it newsworthy. I'm usually opposed to any kind of slander, but anything goes in this one.

Keith (I-play) - My prediction: Social Games will cease to be categorized in the future because all games will have a social component.
Thanks to Keith for doing the interview and Ian Macleod for setting it all up!

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