3bot, a 3D action/puzzle game for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch, developed by DevKid, in cooperation with PIXELFEDERATION, is gearing up for it's app store debut!

3bot is shaping up to look like an exciting, unique, 3D puzzle/action game. Game play previews feature a tripedal "bot" traversing a dynamic, multi-colored polygonal game board, set within a retro, 50's-60's-style cosmic universe reminiscent of a puzzle version of Q-bert set in the 50's space-age.

According to the game's developers, 3bot is a robot with 3 feet that thinks in three's. Game play centers around 3bot moving and coloring 3D patterns, navigating its way around a 3D environment set in outer space.

3bot's cosmic puzzle/action unfolds throughout 3 worlds containing 45 different levels and features multi-touch controls, global score sharing and an authentic, "retro" 50s-60s sci-fi genre atmosphere.


  1. 3+3+3+3+3 levels in 3 worlds = 45 levels.
  2. New features added into levels to keep players "on their toes."
  3. Global Score-sharing.
  4. Simple, intuitive touch controls.
  5. Multiple player profiles.

3bot was developed by DevKid, in cooperation with Pixelfederation and looks like it's shaping up to be a unique game play experience. You can follow 3bot on Facebook.

Hit the jump for some more screen shots of 3bot.


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