You know those super special apps that reside on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, always ready, always in use? The ones that you recommend to friends and family over and over?

Well, we've got those, too, and we spend a LOT of time with different apps around here. Every so often, we come across something that's so good, so unique to us as individuals, that we needed a way to share it with you.

So here it is: Our Favorites. A curated set of themed lists that give you our very favorite apps for a variety of uses and personality types. Are you a Bored Core Gamer? Do you feel like a Social (Network) Butterfly? Do you consider yourself a Fresh Music Seeker? Well, we've got a Favorite list for you, culled from our own experiences in and around the iOS App Store.

Check them out, won't you? We'll be releasing a new list regularly, so come back often and soon.

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