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Appigo has just announced that the standard version of Corkulous, their premiere organization and planning app, is now totally free. This basic version will include access to one large cork board, which they can use to virtually pin up tasks, collaborative projects, brainstorming sessions, to-do lists and more. If you’re the type of person who has a lot of ideas but can’t seem to get them corralled and organized then this might be the ideal solution.

Users can also opt for an in-app upgrade to Corkulous Pro for $4.99. The expanded version includes multiple cork boards, the ability to next boards, exporting and sharing options, and iCloud support. It also bears noting that both versions of Corkulous support Dropbox.

Appigo is known for their productivity apps, but previous work such as Notebook and Todo were considerably drier and focused primarily on business users. Corkulous is still very business-friendly, but many will likely find it easier to use as a part of their day-to-day lives. The ability to quickly pin up pictures, notes and more makes the app ideal for practically any collaborative or brainstorming occasion.

The app also comes along at an ideal time, as the explosion of Pinterest has many folks jumping at the idea of pinning things up and then chatting about it with others. Not saying this will happen, but if Appigo finds some way to integrate this app with the social media service then we may be witnessing the birth of a bona-fide juggernaut.

At any rate, this is now a free app that you can use to get your life in order. What are you waiting for? Get corking!

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Released: 2012-02-10 :: Category: Education

Developer Fluttermind has just launched the first gameplay trailer for their game Incoboto and, to be completely honest, I have no idea what’s happening. Go ahead and have a look for yourself and then meet me afterwards for further discussion.

From what I can gather this is some sort of platformer in which players gather stars to power up the sun. In return, the blazing star can use its light to blast away darkness and shadows, which I assume opens up new areas to explore. The creative mind behind the game has envisioned it as a non-linear experience, and the driving mantra behind everything is “mood is king.” There are also promises of unique yet intuitive controls and steadily increasing difficulty, though that’s something every game promises so we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves if it pans out.

I still can’t say with any certainty what Incoboto is, but I know I’m looking forward to checking it out when it launches on March 3rd.

Spotify Quality Goes Extreme

Are you a true audiophile who wants your music at the highest definition possible? Do you also happen to be a Spotify user who loves listening on the go but feel like the quality could be better? If so then you’ll be happy to know that the latest update to the Spotify app cranks it to 11, introducing a new “extreme” level of audio quality.

The new update allows users to stream songs at 320kbps. which doubles the high quality option (160kbps) and utterly destroys standard quality (96kbps). The only downside is that if you’re planning to use the maximum available quality then you’d best either be connected to a Wifi network at all times or packing an unlimited data plan that isn’t likely to get throttled. Still, power users with access to copious amounts of data will likely be thrilled at the prospect of never being without Spotify‘s 15 million tracks, now available in a higher quality than what even iTunes has to offer.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-07-14 :: Category: Music

Most of us already know that February is Black History Month, but how many of us truly understand the history and culture of African Americans in our own communities? More Than a Mapp (MTAM) seeks to change all that by showing users significant contributions to black history right in their own neighborhoods. MTAM uses the iPhone’s GPS to pinpoint your location and showcase locations of historical significance all around you. Furthermore, the app’s crowdsourcing features allow users to upload their own points on the map, complete with photos and descriptions.

MTAM is part of PBS’s More Than a Month initiative, which is reminding the populace that African American history is not confined to the month of February and the contributions of African Americans should be remembered and celebrated year-round. Regardless of your ethnic background this free app gives you an opportunity to learn history lessons you probably didn’t previously know, right in your own backyard.

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Released: 2012-02-01 :: Category: Education

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LoSo, a location-based restaurant and bars app which bills itself as a combination of FourSquare and Yelp, has announced a complete redesign as part of the version 2.0 update. New features include user profiles, as well as a real-time news feed linked to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The most significant new addition is the What’s Up! feature, which allows users to take photos or videos of local bars and restaurants and instantly upload them to your Facebook page, the restaurant’s Facebook page, and LoSo‘s listings. The app also allows users to check out menus, drink specials and happy hour deals of all participating businesses within 10 miles of their current location. Checking in at participating businesses grants QRewards Points, which can be redeemed for free food and drinks, as well as other prizes.

LoSo is currently testing in the Philadelphia and Boston markets, and will be expanding to Washington D.C, Chicago and Dallas soon.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-03-24 :: Category: Travel

A new challenger has entered the news aggregation realm, as Streamglider+ has officially launched and is taking aim at the likes of Flipboard. The app seeks to aggregate everything that’s important to you, allowing you to mix in RSS feeds, YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more into one centralized app.

Streamglider+ boasts three different modes; lean-forward scrolls news and headlines across the screen, lean-back presents photos or news stories in a slideshow format and magazine mode presents fully stories just as they’d be found in a periodical, with no need to jump in and out of a browser. It’s all very slick, and the pro version is currently free so there’s really no reason not to check it out.

Of course the big question is can Streamglider+ dethrone the likes of Flipboard? It’s a very cool app, but when you come late to the game into a space dominated by a rival what are your odds of success? We’ll be interested to see how this slugfest plays out over the coming months.


Eufloria HD Review

Eufloria HD Review

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
A slow burn of a game that packs in the style but holds little excitement, and lots of waiting.

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Those rascals at ThinkGeek are at it again, today unveiling the iCADE 8-Bitty, a physical controller for use with iOS games. The 8-Bitty sports a traditional d-pad, as well as four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and start/select. The 8-Bitty is battery powered and connects to any iOS device wirelessly, and can be used to play any game that supports the iCADE API. Tired of tapping the screen to play Super Mega Worm? Well that won’t be a problem much longer.

ThinkGeek has announced that the 8-Bitty will retail for $24.99 and should go on sale sometime later this year. If you happen to be at Toy Fair you can get a look at the 8-Bitty up close and personal, just don’t try and steal it because I’m pretty sure ThinkGeek deploys at least three snipers at such events. If you are going to attempt a snatch and grab then please remember to run in a serpentine pattern.

Dwarfs vs Orcs HD Review

Dwarfs vs Orcs HD Review

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
A tower defense/RTS hybrid that's high on style and low on fun.

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The British Library has entered the smartphone age, with the venerable institution launching its first ever app. the program, called Treasures, allows users from all over the world to take a peek at the museum’s extensive collection, showcasing such wonders as a 1215 original copy of the Magna Carta, Elizabeth I’s famous Tilbury speech before the Spanish Armada and famous manuscripts from composers like Mozart and Handel. There’s plenty more where that came from, as the app currently features over 100 different items alongside sound recordings and 50 short videos. The British Library has also promised to regularly update the app, adding new exhibits and paying special attention to new arrivals in the museum.

In addition to a standard iPhone edition of the app there is also an HD iPad version which offers slightly higher resolution pictures. iPods and iPhones running iOS 3.2 or above can view the app, while the iPad requires utilization of iOS 4. The app retails for $1.99 on the iPhone or $3.99 on the iPad.

It’s wonderful to have such an extensive collection from a revered source such as the British Library being opened to the public to view on the go. The information included with the exhibits alone is well worth the price of admission, but the video and audio clips that accompany them really push the app across the finish line. This is a terrific app for lovers of history and those with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. We can’t wait to see what new features and updates are added in later versions.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-01-04 :: Category: Education

[via Electronista]

One of the knocks on American architecture is that we rarely ever save our old buildings. Sure, we keep major historical sites like George Washington’s house or Independence Hall, but most of our buildings are eventually torn down to make way for newer, bigger buildings. But now a new app lets you see at least one city the way it used to be, as Time Shutter San Francisco lets you spy the City by the Bay in all its former (and current) glory.

Time Shutter uses old photographs and illustrations to created detailed recreations of major SF landmarks from roughly 100 years ago. Users can then take a picture of the current structure standing at the historical site and then watch as the app combines the two images in a sort of “then and now” transition. Even better, all the historical images come with a quick history caption, so you may also learn a little something along the way. The app currently contains over 140 pics of various city landmarks, and a helpful map allows you to easily figure out which sites are in the near vicinity.

This is actually a pretty cool app that adds a new dimension to tourism. SF is a history-rich city, but if you don’t know the town well it’s easy to miss out on a lot of really neat architecture and information. This app provides a great way for kids and adults both to learn more about the city while they visit and do something other than just ride cable cars and go down to Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s even possible that some locals may enjoy the app just so they can learn more about the city in which they live.

For all of you living in other areas don’t write this app off yet just because it’s aimed at San Francisco. The team at ISL Consulting has told us they’re already working on a New York edition of the app, and we’re sure even more cities will be added as time goes on. In the meantime though, if you find yourself in the city famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Rice-a-Roni here’s a fun way to get a bit more out of your trip.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-01-03 :: Category: Travel

PlayStation fans who can’t stand to be away from their console of choice for even a moment can take heart, as Sony has officially launched the PlayStation iPhone app. Users who download the app can sign in with their PlayStation Network ID and sync their Trophies and friends lists, as well as check out the latest stories from the Official PlayStation blog. That’s not all that’s planned for the app though, as future updates will include the ability to comment on PlayStation Blog posts as well as share news with friends and keep up with new game releases.

“There are tons more features we are planning to bring to this app in the next few months so keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog for further announcements early next year,” Sony said in a statement when announcing the app.

Right now the app is available in Europe, but there’s no word yet on an American launch. We’re expecting it to appear in all iTunes marketplaces eventually, but if you don’t see it yet just hang tight, it should be popping up anytime.

Right now the app has fairly limited functionality and doesn’t really offer all that much excitement for potential users. Sure it’s nice to be able to see your Trophies on the go, but to what end? Are you going to whip out your iPhone at some bar to defend your honor to a fellow gamer who dare doubts your Trophy-hunting prowess? And while it’s nice to be able to read PlayStation Blog posts, you can just as easily do so by popping the URL into Safari and browsing the news that way. With some enhancements this app may be a world beater down the line, but for now it’s not all that terribly exciting. Staying tuned to the app and this website may be the only real answer here.

[via CVG]

Amazon has just launched the latest update to their Kindle app and this latest edition adds some much-needed new functionality. Update 2.5 enables both side-loading and background downloading of Kindle-compatible material, providing access to a whole range of new content with absolutely minimal extra effort.

Side-loading allows Kindle users to download any compatible materials into the Kindle library. That means mail attachments, files from Project Gutenberg or material from any other compatible source can easily be transported into Kindle. Basically if it’s a .mobi or .prc file you can now import them into the Kindle app without fear of the dreaded incompatible file. In addition, you can now drag compatible files to the Kindle app via iTunes, so files saved on your computer can easily be imported into the app.

The other major new component included in the update is support for background downloading, which takes advantage of one of the signature new features of iOS 4. Now you can start downloading a book or other material and then jump to another app while Kindle continues the download in the background. Great for impatient users or folks who simply prefer to multitask while waiting for something to download and install into the app.

This latest update is truly welcome news, as it flings open the doors of Kindle and provides users with access to millions of books and documents which were previously locked away. As the eReader wars continue to rage on this update puts Kindle near the front of the pack, providing nicely enhanced functionality and some very attractive new features. Though Kindle may not quite be an absolute solution to all your eReading needs quite yet, it’s very quickly moving in that direction.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-03-04 :: Category: Books

[via MacWorld]

Dante and Nero have spent a long time slaying demons and battling evil on consoles, but now the ghoul-hunting duo is poised to make their grand debut on the iPhone. Capcom has confirmed that iOS will be getting its very own edition of Devil May Cry 4, subtitled Refrain.

The smartphone edition of the game will follow the same plot as the console edition, with players taking control of newcomer Nero rather than series stalwart Dante. Don’t sweat it, playing as Nero feels very familiar to anyone who’s tried out the franchise previously, and he acquits himself quite well. Nero’s arsenal consists of a gigantic sword, dual pistols and a wicked demon hand that can dish out some serious punishment. Players who vary their combos between weapons and rack up big hit streaks will be rewarded with a flood of red orbs which can be used to upgrade each piece of Nero’s arsenal.

The game will consist of 10 levels and Nero’s movement and attacks are controlled via an onscreen virtual joystick and three attack buttons on the lower right hand side of the screen.While this opens the door to a number of quick and hopefully effortless combos we’ll have to reserve judgment until we play the game ourselves to see how well it works. The DMC series has long been predicated on careful timing and fluid combos, so we hope the same precision and attention to detail has been built into this version.

In addition to the story mode Capcom has confirmed that later updates will include Dante as a playable character as well as new challenge levels for the truly hardcore. Hopefully these extra stages will satisfy fans who thrive on DMC’s sometimes insane difficulty level where one wrong move means certain death. Hopefully the story mode will be a bit more forgiving for the rest of us. At any rate the game goes on sale later this month for $6.99 with updates to follow soon thereafter. Good luck out there everyone and happy hunting!

[via SlidetoPlay]

We all love technology, but while it has made life so much easier it has also made driving a lot more dangerous. While folks simply talking on cell phones pose enough of a safety risk, those sending text messages or checking email are even more dangerous. Now, when it comes to email at least there’s a solution, as Email’nDrive allows you to send and receive messages without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

Email’nDrive will read emails received aloud to drivers, which allows you to keep up on important messages while maintaining your focus at the wheel. The pro version of the app also supports composing messages via voice, so you can put together a response without ever having to touch your iPhone. It’s a wonderful concept, and one which does a great deal to enhance vehicular safety. The program is designed to work with popular email servers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and more, and can be configured to work with Exchange if you know how to configure IMAP.

Though the app has the potential to be truly revolutionary there are still some bugs which needs to be sorted out first. Many users are reporting crashing issues, so there’s a chance after you download the app that it won’t work properly. Also, Email’nDrive must be actively running in order to work properly, so you can’t just have it sitting in the background while doing other things. Of course, if you’re driving you probably shouldn’t have other apps open anyway, but the type of person who is willing to email while driving is also likely the same type who will be doing all sorts of other distracting things rather than paying attention to the road.

For those interested the basic version of the app is available for free, or you can get the pro upgrade for $5. Enjoy and drive safe!


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Just because New Year’s is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an adult beverage every now and again, and the denizens of Chicago now have a delightful new app that provides a fun way to get soused. Drink Deck Chicago provides a deck of 52 “playing cards,” each of which corresponds to a bar in the city with persistent drink specials. Suddenly your night out just got a lot more fun, and you may just end your evening with enough cash left over to pay for those bogus hangover pills (or at least a strong cup of coffee).

Each bar listed in Drink Deck Chicago offers patrons $10 off their tab of over $30 or more, which adds up to $520 in savings. Users can browse though all 52 bars, sort them by location, or even group them by category. So if you’re in the mood for a night out watching games and getting grub then open up the Beer Bar deck, but if you’re looking to impress a lady or simply class it up a bit then take a peek at the Wine Bar set of cards. The bars serviced by the app are spread all around the city and include local hotspots such as Reggie’s Music Joint and The Bluebird.

Of course there are a few drawbacks to this app, not the least of which is the fact that it has a very limited customer base. Unless you live in Chicago or visit regularly you’ll have little use for this app, so unless apps for other cities are released in the future this one has a very limited appeal. Also, the $30 tab is easy to hit if you’re out with friends, but a bit tougher if you’re flying solo. Sure, you can spend $30 on alcohol, but the end result will likely leave you laid out flat or waking up in a strange bed unsure what happened the night before. But hey, for social drinkers in Chi Town this is a pretty decent app that pays for itself after just a couple bar hops.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-12-18 :: Category: Lifestyle

If you haven’t already played Game Dev Story then you probably shouldn’t. It’s not that it’s a bad game, quite the contrary actually, it’s that once you get started playing you’ll likely never stop. Now chances of ever getting actual work done again have become even more dire, as franchise developer Kairosoft has officially launched Waiwai! The Game Dealer in Japan.

Where Game Dev Story put players in the roles of a studio boss trying to make an amazing game, The Game Dealer tasks you with getting the products off store shelves and into the homes of consumers. Unfortunately, our Japanese skills are virtually nonexistent, but it seems the game will have players managing aspects of a game store such as inventory and employees, while also trying to come up with ways to entice new customers and drive up sales. It may sound mundane on paper, but then so did Game Dev Story, and that one is chock full of win.

While there’s no word if The Game Dealer will see play outside of Japan it’s a safe bet to assume that it will. Kairosoft has already localized Game Dev Story for English-speaking audiences, and is currently hard at work getting Game Dev Story 2 ready for an American launch. We’d say there’s about a 95 percent chance that The Game Dealer will make it to other markets, but you never know in the crazy world of app development what will happen next.

We’re also hoping that The Game Dealer is just as wacky and irreverent as Game Dev Story. I mean, in that game would hire an actual, honest-to-goodness code monkey, so please tell me there’s going to be some sort of equivalent in The Game Dealer. At any rate we’re very excited about the release of this new game, and only hope that we won’t have to learn Japanese in order to play it.

[via Touch Arcade]

EA is offering quite a sweet deal for platforming title Mirror’s Edge today, dropping the normally $5 or $10 app all the way down to free on both the iPhone and iPad. The only catch is that the deal only seems to be available for certain countries, meaning that a vast swath of gamers may end up left out in the cold. As of right now the app is available for free in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, while American, Canadian and Asian gamers are out of luck. At this point we’re not sure if this is some sort of glitch in the system, or if EA is merely opting to offer the title for free in select regions. As of our most recent check the game is still retailing for full price in the US App Store.

While the console versions of Mirror’s Edge combined parkour puzzle-solving with hand-to-hand combat, the iOS version is more a precision platformer than anything else, requiring precise jumps and rolls to survive levels and achieve a high score. While there’s still a little bit of combat floating around in the game, it’s really just another element of the jumping and sliding so its roll is minimized. In all honesty though, the iOS version may be the superior edition of the game due to the fact that it cuts right to the heart of what’s fun about the franchise, moving very fast and stringing together amazing maneuvers.

We’ll keep an eye out to see if the game ever gets a price drop in other territories, but if worse comes to worse you can always create a New Zealand iTunes account and get the game that way. Of course I hear in that version Faith is replaced by a sheep, but I’m sure it’s still lots of fun either way.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-09-02 :: Category: Games

[via Touch Arcade]

A big announcement kicking off the day today, as Firemint announced that they have acquired fellow Aussie developer Infinite Interactive. The agreement means that Firemint will now be the exclusive publisher of all Infinite Interactive games, which means they’ll need more kangaroo pouches in which to stuff all the money they’re about to make.

“I’m incredibly pleased to welcome Steve (Fawkner, founder of Infinite Interactive) and his team to Firemint,” said Firemint founder Rob Murray. “Steve is an outstanding game designer and our two studios evolved very similar philosophies of developing addictive, fun and polished original games. By bringing our studios’ talents together, we will be able to create even more awesome games – and more of them.”

Fawkner added, “Firemint has had huge success designing, developing and publishing great original games. By joining forces, we now have a way to further develop some of the exciting new concepts we’ve been working on. This new position really frees me up to focus on game design and I can’t wait to get stuck into it!”

Infinite Interactive is the studio behind the extremely popular Puzzle Quest franchise, while Firemint is best known for games like Flight Control and Real Racing 2. With the two studios set to work together it likely means that none of us will ever get anything done ever again, so we may as well just all quit our jobs now and wait for the companies’ first joint-venture game. Will their combined power be enough to knock the traditional powerhouses from their perch atop the App Store? It’s impossible to know right now but we wouldn’t be surprised if whatever they come up with makes some major waves in the realm of iOS and beyond. This is truly a powerhouse pairing, and one with a whole lot of promise.

Intelli-Diet Review

Intelli-Diet Review

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Risk for iPad Review

Risk for iPad Review

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The newly formed Recharge Studios has launched their very first game, Dolphin Play, into the App Store. Though the game was initially slated to retail for $0.99, Recharge has decided to surprise us by taking a freemium approach and offering the app as a free download to customers. Hooray for free aquatic fun!

Dolphin Play is a relaxed aquarium simulation game where players can buy fish, take care of them and then eventually sell the matured critters to buy bigger and better fish. Along the way players can buy and train dolphins, which will quickly become the staple of your underwater world. It sounds a lot like undersea Farmville, and that’s a fair comparison though Dolphin Play features a lot fewer annoying Facebook messages asking you to help friends buy manure.

I got to spend a little time with Dolphin Play around launch and it seems like the sort of app which has a lot of potential for the casual crowd. While hardcore gamers are likely to shy away from what is essentially an aquarium management game, there is a whole subset of the gaming populace which will be more than happy to check in on their pretty fish once or twice a day, feed and take care of them and then go on about their day. Sure, you could tell those people to just go get real fish, but if Nintendogs can work on the DS then Dolphin Play can work on the iPhone.

We can also see this app scoring with kids, as we all know children for some reason love to do everyday tasks that seem menial to adults. It’s probably because they haven’t yet discovered that responsibility sucks and still believe they’re “helping.” Enjoy those years parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone. Also, the game’s leveling system gives players, especially kids, an incentive to keep taking care of their fish so they can get bigger and better options. It’s not incredibly deep, but there’s still a hook there (get it?) to keep you coming back for more.

At any rate, if you’re looking for a chill app for yourself or your kids that lets you sort of check in and out when you feel like and doesn’t require a huge time commitment then Dolphin Play is definitely an option. We’re going to be keeping an eye on this one and see if it manages to make waves (I promise I’ll stop now) in the App Store.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-12-18 :: Category: Games

Update 12/23: Looks like Howard Stern has popped up early on the Sirius XM app.

We were expecting to see Howard Stern show up on the app when his new contract goes live on January 1. But there he is, live with both of his channels, Howard 100 and 101.

So even though the Howard Stern show is on holiday break, running repeats and specials, you can tune in now and listen while on the go on your iPhone or iPod touch. I wonder if we’ll ever see a Sirius iPad app? Or maybe a dedicated Howard Stern app? There’s certainly a market for it.

Sirius XM has just negotiated a new deal with Howard Stern that will keep the controversial shock jock on satellite radio through at least 2015. Among the provisions of the deal is a clause which will allow Stern to stream his show online and to mobile devices, including the iPhone. Sounds like your morning commute may have just gotten a lot raunchier.

When Stern signed his initial contract with Sirius in 2004, his show was truly exclusive and forbidden to be streaming to any terrestrial radio station, website or mobile device. That meant that even folks who downloaded the Sirius XM app and subscribed to the service couldn’t listen to Stern’s show because of the clauses in his contract. Now that restriction is being lifted and the host is clear to stream his show to a mobile audience.

What is unclear at this point is how soon Stern’s show will be made available to Sirius XM mobile listeners, as his current deal doesn’t technically expire until December 31. While the satellite radio service very well could make Stern’s show immediately available, it would also make sense to wait out the holiday season and launch the show alongside the new year. Either way we’ll have to wait and see.

An interesting consequence of this decision is that it in some way undermines Sirius XM’s own portable receivers, which previously did carry Stern’s show along with all other available channels. Now that Stern will be streaming to the iPhone, there’s very little incentive for consumers to pick up another receiver. Of course, Sirius XM still manages to keep the subscription fees either way, so it may not be too big a blow after all. In any event subscribers should be pleased, as now they have yet another way to enjoy their favorite foul-mouthed radio host and all his decidedly not politically correct antics.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-06-18 :: Category: Music

[via Electronista]

Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 Review

Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 Review

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Guybrush Threepwood returns in a great adventure game, albeit the same one he starred in on the PC last year.

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Last month our Thanksgiving meals were stuffed with lots of deeply discounted apps, and it seems that publishers are getting into the Christmas spirit in much the same way. We’ve got a whole slew of apps available at rock bottom prices just in time for your holiday celebrations, many at their lowest prices ever. Make sure and act fast though, as many of these apps are available for an extremely limited time.

Also, be sure and keep checking this post regularly, as we’ll be updating all the new deals as they are announced. Much like Santa, we don’t stop working until Christmas, and we’re paid in milk and cookies. Speaking of, if you could leave out some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that would be delightful.

Update 12/23, 1:45pm: Just a minor update. Nearly tripled the number of great sales apps!! Lots of great things here, many at the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. Seems like you can buy a lot of entertainment for $0.99 these days. The list has gotten so long that we’ve had to split it into multiple pages — sorry about that, but if we don’t it will kill many people’s browsers.

Update 12/24, 10:30am: Added a bunch of great title from EA now that we know they won’t be raising the prices over the holiday weekend. Also a few dozen more great apps and games.

Update 12/24, 6:15pm: Added even more great apps bringing our astonsishing total up to 355 great apps on sale. Let’s hope Santa brings us lots of iTunes gift cards for Christmas.

We’ve got over 180 250 355 top quality apps on our list. Hit the jump for the full list!

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Dr Who: The Mazes of Time Review

Dr Who: The Mazes of Time Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
This is one of those games which would have been better off if it had stayed lost in time.

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Rovio is giving you quite the Christmas present this week, as an update to Angry Birds HD has just been released. Among the new content is Game Center support, the mighty eagle who has come to bring vengeance against those filthy swine and a golden egg. Perhaps the most important update, though, is the inclusion of 15 brand new levels.

We haven’t tried out the new stages for ourselves yet but if previous levels in the game are any indication then they’re filled with tricky shots that will make you want to pull out your hair right up until the moment you finally take out the last pig. For those who are tired of the frustration Rovio has finally made the mythical mighty eagle available, a bird which can clear an entire level in a single shot. There’s a catch though, as you must pay real money in order to buy a can of sardines to activate the eagle, and each activation counts as a separate transaction. The good news is that if you manage to return to a level you used the eagle on and clear it via the standard compliment of birds you get your sardines back and can use them again later without having to pay for another can.

Right now the update is only available for the iPad version of the game, but we have every reason to believe that the iPhone update should become available before the App Store closes down shop for the holiday break. Just make sure to keep an eye on the updates section of your iPad or iPhone over the next few days and be sure to grab this update as soon as you can. Personally I plan on not telling my wife about this update until after Christmas, because once she finds out there are more Angry Birds levels and a way to pass the stages she can’t clear I’ll probably never get my iPad back.

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World In War Review

World In War Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
World In War has potential to be a great turn-based strategy app, but for now it's too hard and offers too little variety.

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TomTom Update Brings Map Share

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Navigation has just got a bit easier as TomTom has announced that it has released version 1.6 of its GPS app. The new update brings Map Share technology to your iPhone, which allows users to easily alter and update their own personal maps, as well as instantly download new maps with updated information approved by TomTom.

“We are pleased to bring TomTom’s exclusive Map Share technology already enjoyed by millions of TomTom GPS users everyday to our iPhone App,” said Tom Murray, senior vice president of market development for TomTom Inc. “With the addition of Map Share, TomTom App users will get free, verified updates via Map Share anytime on top of the most accurate map available on-board.”

The basic idea behind Map Share is that it allows users to instantly know about any changes in road conditions in between major map updates. So if a road is closed off or the lane structure changes, users with Map Share can download the information immediately, instead of continuing to rely on outdated maps until the next major map upgrade arrives. The hope is that access to this technology will lead to fewer lost and confused drivers who are forced to rely on inaccurate information when they’re out and about. The app will update automatically every week, or can also be manually updated on-demand by owners.

It’s particularly nice that the update is landing right now, as this marks a week when a lot of folks will be on the roads and, given the volatile nature of the weather this time of year, constantly in need of the most recent route information. Hopefully this new TomTom update will allow users to see road closures or other issues in advance and work their way around any potential problems.

TomTom also offers traffic updates separately, as an in-app purchase. Put the pieces all together and you can definitely go forth confident in the knowledge that you have all the travel info you could ever need right at your fingertips. Hooray for removing a little bit of the stress from holiday travel!

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The Tap Tap Revenge franchise is already a huge one and it just became even bigger. Developer Tapulous has just released Tap Tap Revenge 4, and the newest edition of the game bundles the franchise’s huge back-catalog of songs together into one massive app. As if that weren’t enough, the game comes pre-loaded with over 100 free songs to tap along to, featuring bands such as Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. The crew behind the game has also been updating the store, adding tracks from artists such as Nelly, Katy Perry and more.

The app is also showcasing a slickly redesigned interface, optimized for the iPhone’s new Retina Display. The game is also integrating Game Center, as well as a like button which will show you which tracks are most popular amongst you and your friends, as well as constantly updating leaderboards to show who’s got the fastest fingers. This is easily the most comprehensive game in the series, and there’s really no reason for franchise fans to skip out.

The genius of Tap Tap Revenge is the freemium model it follows, tempting users with free songs and then hooking them into buying premium tracks. The fact that Tapulous releases a new free song every week means that players are constantly checking back into the app, and while they’re browsing they may just find a song or two they wouldn’t mind paying to add to their collection. Granted, the music in the game tends to skew towards the Top 40 charts, but its hard to blame the developers for that, they’re just giving the people what they want.

Though Rock Band and Guitar Hero may own the console scene, Tap Tap Revenge dominates iOS, and rightly so. The sheer volume of content available and free price tag is music to the ears of gamers, and this latest edition only serves to further cement Tap Tap’s place at the top of the heap. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to tap some Katy Perry, take that sentence in whatever way you want.


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