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We’re only a few weeks away from federal taxes being due but I can bet there are a whole lot of people out there who haven’t even looked at their W2s yet. If you’re in the procrastination boat then don’t panic, as a new mobile version of CompleteTax is here to help you fill out all your paperwork and get your taxes filed before the IRS decides to take notice and pay special attention to you.

The app allows anyone who’s filing a 1040EZ form to fill out all their info on their phone and send it in without hassle. The program asks basic information, as well as pertinent financial info and then puts all the numbers in the right boxes. It’s fast, it’s simple and you can go on with your life.

Just take note that the app is only built for those file a 1040EZ, if you have a more complex tax situation or plan to itemize your deductions then you’d best find a more thorough solution. No matter what your method you’d better get on it, you really should be finishing your taxes instead of reading this article. Get to work!

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-02-24 :: Category: Finance

Though you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s still alive from the day the Titanic sank, the public’s fascination with the doomed ocean liner has only grown over the years. The Titanic has been the subject of countless books, movies, TV specials and documentaries, and now you can add a new iOS game to the mix. National Geographic and PlayWay have officially announced Titanic: Unsolved Mystery, which will provide the most interactive experience with the famed ship yet.

The game is divided between present and past as heroine Lillian explores the wreckage of the Titanic, which is now an underwater museum. Lillian’s quest is a bit of a tragic one, as her great-grandmother died when the boat sank and she would like to know more about the woman she never knew. The hidden-object gameplay is set in historically accurate recreations of the ship’s interior just as it appeared 100 years ago.

Titanic: Unsolved Mystery is slated to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2012.

One of the most common laments of audiophiles is how badly iTunes compresses music files. While the average listener may not notice the drop in quality, to those who appreciate music in its most pristine form it’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard. The good news is that now not only can fidelity be restored, but users can make their music sound even better thanks to the newly-launched MyTunes Pro.

The app comes from the crew at SRS Labs and builds on the company’s already-existant MyTunes app. Not only does MyTunes Pro clean up audio and restore it to near-studio quality, but those with a true ear for sound can further tinker with tracks, adjusting the balance, bass, tone and more until they get their music sounding just right. There are other bells and whistles as well, including Party Mode and Workout Mode, each of which adjust the tempo of your music without warping the audio.

The app is free to download for the basic version, with in-app purchases available for users who want to try out the more advanced features. Why listen to music at an inferior quality ever again?

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-10-05 :: Category: Music

As baseball season begins to ramp up it’s critical for coaches to keep a close eye on their pitchers. Practice sessions need to be tightly controlled in order to prevent overuse injuries and make the most of the allotted time, and it can be hard to keep things straight with so many guys in the rotation. Thankfully, Baseball Bullpen has received a new update that will make life a bit easier on coaches.

The newest version of the app supports stats for up to five pitchers, making it as simple as a swipe to jump from one to the next. It also now includes support for various types of pitches, letting coaches keep tabs on fastballs, curveballs, sliders and more. This is all in addition to the app’s original features, which included a pitch count, location tracking, and the ability to estimate pitch speeds based on the pitcher’s height and his distance from the plate. It’s truly a coach’s dream come true.

The app is also handy for enthusiasts or even scouts, as they can easily keep tabs on a pitcher’s tendencies and location with the app. There’s likely to be no more convenient way to keep careful track of one of the game’s most important positions.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-04-03 :: Category: Sports

The world may be a great big place, but technology continues to make it smaller and smaller. Now, it can fit on your iPad thanks to the release of the Barefoot World Atlas. This fun app is a great way to teach kids all about the world in which they live, and may even provide a few fun facts for grownups as well.

Navigating the atlas is as simple as dragging a finger across the screen and using the pinch zoom to get a close look at places of interest. As you fly down into the countries and regions you can tap on icons that teach you all about the people, places and animals that make up the area, and get a better sense of what’s beyond your front door.

The atlas was created and narrated by BBC Presenter Nick Crane, in conjunction with Touch Press and England’s Royal Geographic Society. It’s a beautiful, entertaining way to start teaching kids how to think globally and learn all they can in an increasingly interconnected world.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-15 :: Category: Reference

It seems like all kids, regardless of gender, nationality or temperament, love to sing. I remember spending hours singing along to songs and TV shows as a youngster, and my nieces never seemed to tire of “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” “Ring Around the Rosie,” and others. Now you can turn your iPad into a children’s carol factory with The Little Fox Music Box.

The app features three different sing-along songs; “London Bridge,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” and “Evening Song,” each of which has a ton of interactive elements. Kids can tap the screen to hear animal sounds, change the seasons, even set off fireworks. There’s also a studio mode where kids can compose music of their own, but in reality it almost always turns into a cacophony of animal sounds and general silliness.

The Litte Fox Music Box is available now and, while it’s off to a good start, we do hope there will be some more music added in future updates. As any parent can tell you, there is a finite amount of times before you can listen to a song about a bridge in England before something inside you snaps.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-15 :: Category: Education

Sometimes it’s not the external threat of invasion that is dangerous, but rather what’s happening inside one’s own body. That’s the premise of the upcoming Tentacle Wars, a real-time strategy game in which players dive inside the body of an alien and take control of its last antibody cell in the hopes of fighting off the infection that will kill the creature.

As the trailer shows, gameplay revolves around utilizing uninfected antibody cells to send out “tentacles” to purify the contaminated cells. The infection won’t just sit back and let you kill it though, as it will send out tentacles of its own to try and weaken and convert the few healthy cells you have left. This push/pull mechanic should make for some intense battles, and in many ways reminds of us Eufloria on a cellular scale.

Tentacle Wars will be out on the iPad in April, with an iPhone version planned to launch later in the year. If you can’t wait another minute then feel free to try out the Flash version of the game to tide you over.

Life was rough for the Ancient Greeks; when they weren’t being attacked by enemies or beset by plagues and famines the ancient gods saw fit to make the mortals their playthings and absolutely wreck their day. Now it’s time to fight back in Call of Gods EX , where players take the field to battle Zeus himself.

Call of Gods EX puts players in control of the heroes of Pompeii as they square off against Zeus’ forces for humanity’s freedom. The game spans 15 unique levels and along the way players will fight alongside nearly a dozen famous figures from Greek history. The game also features a staggering amount of gear to collect and equip, so those who love customization and obsessive loot collection will feel right at home.

Call of Gods EX is available now for $1.99. The developer has mentioned to us that the game will go free for a limited time after its launch but we’re still waiting for the sale to take effect. Whether you grab it now or decide to wait for the sale, enjoy rewriting history and putting those smarmy Greek gods in their place.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-01 :: Category: Games

No matter how many times you put them down, zombies just won’t stay dead. Activision has launched their latest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and this one is a doozy. The team has ported over the popular “Ascension” map from consoles and added enough goodies to keep you blasting away at the undead hordes for hours.

The new map is set in a Cold War-era cosmodrome overrun with zombies and teeming with traps. Even more dangerous than the typical enemies are zombie monkeys which can swoop in and steal your perks as they maul your face off. Just remember that these monkeys are evil and you should have no trouble pulling the trigger.

The good news is your arsenal is getting an upgrade, too, and now you can deal death with the Thunder Gun, Matroyshka dolls, and Gersh Device. Players who like to really get up close and personal will also enjoy the inclusion of the Sickle. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have defending Mother Russia from reanimated rotting corpses.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-12-01 :: Category: Games

Austin City Limits (ACL) is one of the country’s biggest music television programs, drawing some major star power every episode. Now fans of the show can rewatch their favorite performances, as well as gain appreciation for some new ones, with the ACL Archive app for the iPad.

The ACL Archive comes packed with three full episodes of performances for free, featuring HD performance videos, artist interviews and more. Those who like what they see can gain access to the full archive with a monthly membership for $2.99, or go whole hog and buy an annual pass for $29.99. Those who opt to pay for a subscription gain access to 40 HD videos, 25 of which are brand new and have never been seen before.

ACL is a very cool show that draws a great variety of music and bands so it’s awesome to see the past and present encapsulated in one app. Live music fans would be hard-pressed to find a better way to spend their money.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-02-27 :: Category: Music

A lot of gamers don’t know that before there was Halo, there was Marathon. The series, which Bungie created for the Mac almost 20 years ago, has finally made its way over to iOS, but not in exactly the manner you would expect. This is the tale of a labor of love, and a major studio being really cool with one of their properties.

Daniel Blezek was one fan of Marathon who really wanted to see the game come to iOS. Bungie couldn’t take time out of their busy schedule to port such an old game to a new device, so Daniel asked if he could do it himself. Bungie gave its blessing and in his free time, between raising 5 kids and working full time as programmer, Daniel managed to recreate not only all 27 levels of the original Marathon, but also port over the entirety of Marathon 2. He even built in a super-special “Master Chief Mode,” because he’s just that swell of a guy.

Daniel may also be crazy, because he’s giving away both Marathon games for free. Just hop on the App Store and download them and they’re yours for absolutely nada. So why not grab a copy and support a passionate fan who just wants to share the thing he loves with the rest of us?

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-07-07 :: Category: Games

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-12-15 :: Category: Games

CW App Arrives on iOS

The CW is the latest network to fully embrace the mobile space as they have announced the launch of their new app on iOS. Now fans can watch shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, and more whenever they want. The CW is promising that their full episodes of their entire prime time slate of shows will be available, so fans can easily catch up on shows they missed or just relive favorite episodes.

The app is also packed with extra goodies including interviews, a peek behind the scenes of your favorite shows, exclusive previews, and other content. You can also set reminders for shows you want to watch and dreamily gaze at photos of the cast from various CW programming.

This is a great option for those who can’t get enough CW or maybe folks who don’t watch much TV but still want to check this programming out. Why pay for TV when you can watch it for free and it’s officially sanctioned by the network?

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-14 :: Category: Entertainment

The other day we told you about how Disney was reviving Peter Pan for the iPad, and now it seems the company is poised to do the same for The Incredible Hulk. The company just launched Avengers Origins: Hulk for the iPad, and it looks to be a fun romp for fans of one of Marvel’s greenest and most volatile heroes.

The app allows readers to learn the origin story of The Hulk on their own, or have it read to them by none other than Stan Lee. Along the way are interactive sections where users can let out Hulk roars, toss cars and do all sorts of other fun stuff that only those exposed to specific amounts of Gamma radiation can do.

The app looks like a great way to get kids into comic books, and we hope that Disney and Marvel will be teaming up for more of these in the future. Let’s just stay away from the darker stuff, no one needs the interactive scene where they forcibly coat Wolverine’s bones in Adamantium.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-14 :: Category: Books

Most businesses are struggling with the concept of enterprise mobility, or rather, how to keep track of data and keep it secure when your workforce is scattered and working from phones and tablets rather than office computers. Quickoffice is offering a whole suite of solutions with their new ProSelect HD app.

This new app support WiFi file sharing, cloud storage services, cut/copy/paste, ‘Open In’ support and SaveBack™, Quickoffice’s patent-pending API. One of the most useful features of ProSelect HD is its ability lock files in their original location, preventing users from saving files and documents in unsecured locations and potentially causing loss or leakage of data. The app also supports native iOS file encryption and email, which makes it very easy to integrate onto an iPhone or iPad.

The app is available via Apple’s Store Volume Purchasing for Business and costs $29.99. Anyone interested should get in touch with Quickoffice via email and send along their Apple Program ID.

Top-tier auto racing can already be quite an exhilarating sport, but now Williams is trying to make it even more exciting with their F1 iPredictor app. The new app will test users’ knowledge of F1 as well as their clairvoyant skills as they try and guess who will win each Grand Prix race.

The challenge, which starts right now and runs through November 25, tasks players with predicting the top six finishers in each race, with the ultimate winner receiving the opportunity to hang out with the Williams F1 team during a practice day at the British Grand Prix in 2013. The top finishers each week will also receive a goody bag stuffed with Williams merchandise.

F1 racing has never really caught on in America, but when you throw in the chance to win prizes it’s possible you may see a few ears prick up. In any case this is a cool new app for fans of the sport who also want to try their luck at winning some swag. And the social aspect means you can always brag to your friends when you pick more winners than they do.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-03-12 :: Category: Sports

Passing one iPad around an entire family can be frustrating, as everyone likely logs in to check their email and social networks without logging back out, and many folks will leave tabs open or clutter up the browser history with sites you could care less about. Rather than constantly log in and out and start to secretly resent those you love why not download Skyfire HotSwap instead?

The new service, which integrates directly into the Skyfire browser, allows users to set up to four separate profiles on an iPad, each with its own social and email settings and browser preferences. Not only is it more convenient, it’s also a boon to user privacy, as now brothers and sisters don’t have to worry about the other spying on their email. Of course, by the same token parents may find it harder to keep tabs on their kids, but parents always find a way.

HotSwap has been integrated into the latest update of Skyfire which is available right now. All you have to do is download (or update) the app and you’ll be ready to put those family fights about the iPad behind you!

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2010-12-22 :: Category: Utilities

It’s no longer a matter of if you’ll be taking care of all your financial transactions via smartphone, but when. And now that we’ve seen the Geode we’re thinking that day might be arriving very soon. The smart wallet, which is also a phone case, may be the most sophisticated, useful smart wallet ever created, and we’re awaiting its launch with baited breath.

First off, Geode isn’t tied to just one credit card or online service, but rather allows users to scan all their credit cards, loyalty cards and more right into the case’s companion app. The process is painless, using the included reader to swipe cards with magnetic strips or the iPhone’s built-in camera to snap the barcode of loyalty cards. From there, using your cards is as simple as tapping on the one you want, the e-ink reader on the Geode displays the barcode for scanning by merchants, and if you need a physical card you can pull the Geode card out of the case, which is temporarily loaded with your chosen credit card’s info.

Most important of all the Geode is secure, utilizing a biometric fingerprint scanner to ensure that you and you alone have access to your credit cards. So now, even if your virtual wallet is stolen there’s no threat of the bad guys going on a shopping spree.

The Geode will go on sale soon at a somewhat steep price of $199. Those who want to get in early and get a discount though can head over to the product’s Kickstarter page and pre-order a Geode, along with a few other goodies. So, who’s up for grabbing what may be a potentially revolutionary device?

Japanese developer GREE has been looking to make a splash in the US, and today we just learned about the company’s first US-developed game, Zombie Jombie. The title will be a card-based game featuring zombies and humans but with a unique twist; this time the zombies are the good guys.

According to GREE players will build a deck of cards which they can use to battle evil human bosses and their friends while completing quests in levels based on major US cities. Players can upgrade their decks by finding treasure chests, trading with friends or even fusing cards together to enhance their powers. GREE is promising an exceptional amount of customization as well as the promise that no two decks will be the same.

GREE is positioning the game as “made in the US, for a US audience,” so we’ll soon see just how in tune they are with this market’s sensibilities. We’re excited to see how the launch goes and are looking forward to trying Zombie Jombie out for ourselves.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-13 :: Category: Games

As BioWare wraps up the Mass Effect trilogy on consoles, many folks are constantly craving more of the franchise. Now you can get your fix with the new Mass Effect Datapad, a companion app that puts the series’ entire universe right in your hands.

The Datapad is primarily intended as a way to get more out of the story, providing emails from game characters regarding completed missions, as well as a full Codex of info on the Mass Effect universe. The Codex is actually quite exhaustive, and provides detailed info on all the characters, races, planets, and everything else that’s been introduced. It’s an information junkie’s dream come true.

Users of the Datapad can also deploy units and increase their troops’ Readiness Rating in the main game’s Galaxy at War mode. This added bonus may help make the difference for some between saving the universe and facing extinction at the hands of the Reapers.

The app is free and available right now so it’s the perfect opportunity to jump in. The galaxy needs you, and didn’t GI Joe always teach us that knowledge is power? That lesson can surely be applied here.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-12 :: Category: Utilities

Do you enjoy tinkering with Instagram but wish there was some sort of game aspect? If so you’re in luck as the Instagamer companion app has just been launched. This simple card matching game lets you enjoy some of the best pics you and your friends have taken while also introducing fun new content and ways to discover even more cool stuff.

Setup is simple, you can search by tags, your personal feed of pics or those of your friends, and you’re off. The photos are spread facedown on screen and you have to remember where they’re hiding in order to match up pairs. The game supports two players so you can take turns with a buddy, and if you see a photo you enjoy you can like it or get more info on who took it from within the app. This may not be much more than a simple companion app, but it’s still a fun way to explore the Instagram library.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-13 :: Category: Games

Sometimes when you want to send someone a message on your iPhone you want more than just text. You could call, but you really don’t have time for that and a quick video message seems to be the perfect compromise. While there are plenty of options for creating video messages on iOS, none of them are as simple or elegant as Ravid.

Ravid allows users to quickly and easily record a video, then send it with one click. The service integrates seamlessly with your existing contacts list, and requires no additional sign-ins or special accounts necessary. Also, the messages created can be sent to anyone with a smartphone, so you aren’t limited to only sending them to other Ravid users. So what we have here is a simple, free video messaging solution that requires no extra steps and works across all platforms. First off, why didn’t this exist already? And second, why on earth would you not want to have it on your phone right now?

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-03-08 :: Category: Social Networking

One of the toughest things about living with diabetes is the need to constantly monitor blood sugar levels and make sure your body’s chemistry doesn’t get out of whack. There are plenty of portable solutions out there, but carrying yet another device in your purse or pocket can be a hassle, that’s why iBGStar wants to turn your iPhone into a glucose monitor.

The iBGStar device easily snaps into the iPhone’s 30 pin dock connector and can instantly send information from your last test onto a specially-designed app. Voilá, no need to carry around an insulin monitor, all you have to have on you is the collection device and your phone.

iBGStar is currently available in England, though the companion app hasn’t been released quite yet. We’re still waiting for the product to make its way Stateside and have high hopes that it will be arriving in the near future.

[via iMore]

Even though times and people’s tastes change, there are still a few things that are consistently magical across generations. Among them are the timeless Disney animated features, and now one of the all-time greatest is getting a makeover for the iPad. Peter Pan: Disney Classics not only lets kids read along with the well-known tale, but also includes games, puzzles, and other fun activities along the way.

Perhaps the best way to think of Peter Pan: Disney Classics is as a digital activity book. Kids can enjoy the coloring section and then email or save their work, put together puzzles that recreate scenes from the story, play musical instruments, and play memory matching games. The app is also set up to allow users to read the story themselves or have it read to them with professional narration and classic sound effects from the movie.

And hey, we know this isn’t just for kids so if you want to download it for yourself to relive your childhood we’re not going to judge you. Peter Pan is awesome, and you have every right to revisit the story. Just please don’t send us your coloring book pages because that would be weird.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-08 :: Category: Books

Funny or Die is bringing their special brand of star-studded comedy to the iPad with The Occasional, a bimonthly magazine which will feature completely original content. Don’t expect a traditional magazine though, as the FoD crew has freely admitted that they have no idea what they’re doing and thus plan to spice up every issue with some offbeat content.

So far what we’ve seen in the first issue is fairly standard magazine fare, but with a very humorous twist. There’s an interview with Ed Helms conducted by comedian Zack Galifianakis, a “Hippo Fact Page” of dubious scientific accuracy, and oh so much more. If you’re tired of “serious” magazines with “real” information then this just may be your solution.

You can download a free trial of The Occasional for free, but it only provides a small taste. A full issue is $3.99 and an annual subscription is $9.99. But in all honesty, can you put a price on laughter?

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-08 :: Category: Entertainment

It is an unquestionable truth that bacon is the world’s most delicious food. Really, it tastes so good with everything that the only question is how exactly should you prepare it? The sheer number of options is overwhelming, so why not let The Better Bacon Book show you how to whip up some delicious, artery-clogging concoctions?

The app is packed with 31 different recipes, including mouthwatering fare like Maple Bacon Sticky Buns and Bacon Creme Brulee. There are also 20 HD videos and 150 photos that are all but guaranteed to make your stomach growl just by looking at them. Like doing things yourself? The Better Bacon Book also showcases expert butchering, smoking, and curing tips from expert chef, Tom Mylan.

Ok, that tears it, I have to stop writing and go make a BLT, and a bacon burger, and a bacon pizza. And once all that is done I’ll be checking myself into the emergency room, but it’ll be totally worth it.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-08 :: Category:

iBomber Defense Pacific Review

iBomber Defense Pacific Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Chillingo's newest tower defense game hits the bullseye.

Read The Full Review »

One of Apple’s coolest features, AirPlay, is also one of its least-utilized. Currently, users can easily stream content from their iOS device right to their Apple TV, and the service will be extended in the new OS X Mountain Lion update to allow Macs to do the same. However, there’s never been a way to stream content from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac, until now.

Reflection offers a simple solution to the problem, simply run the app on your Mac, connect your iOS device to the same wireless network, enable AirPlay and viola, you’re all set. While you still control all of your iOS apps on their native device, you can now display them on your Mac, which should make for some pretty impressive gaming sessions at the very least.

Reflection will run you $14.99 for a license on a single Mac and $39.99 to install it on up to five separate computers. This being the first version of the app there are still some bugs and crashes, as well as a bit of input lag, but we’re sure that will get tuned up in future updates. In any case, we’re pretty impressed that someone got AirPlay running from iOS to Mac, and in a surprising twist it wasn’t even Apple.

[via iMore]

It’s Friday night and you’ve got no plans. What do you do? Well if you’re up for a bit of adventure you could fire up Roamz and let it guide you to all sorts of local fun and excitement. The app scans your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and FourSquare accounts to find out what other folks in the area are up to and what local establishments are jumping on a given day.

What sets Roamz apart from similar apps is that it tailors itself to your personal tastes, recommending locations which are not only popular, but which you’ll also find interesting. Who cares if your friends are checking out an art museum if you’re not into that stuff right? Basically, the more you use the app the better it can predict what you want to see, and the latest update has improved the app’s learning functionality so it will be more accurate than ever. Want to know more? Check out the video for a quick rundown of what Roamz can do.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-09-08 :: Category: Social Networking

One of the downsides of a landscape dominated by social media is the fact that the noise level is often through the roof. Thousands of links can fly through your feed in minutes, and it’s tough to know what’s important and what’s just fluff one of your friends posted up when drunk. For those of us who don’t have time for the clutter is here to do the heavy lifting for us.

The app scans your Facebook and Twitter feeds and grabs links to articles that seem to be really resonating with your personal community. If you tend to associate with a more gamer-specific crowd then you’ll see a lot of stories revolving around video games; if you lean toward sports then scores and highlights from yesterday’s games will appear onscreen. strives to deliver all the content you care about and nothing you don’t.

The app also supports offline reading so you don’t have to worry about having a signal, as well as displaying what friends are saying about each story on the feed so you can have your finger on the pulse of the conversation. With so much information out there we have to be smart with how we consume it, and seems poised to be one of the best tools out there for doing just that.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-03-01 :: Category: News

Mashable Launches New iPad App

Fans of Mashable can now take the megasite with them wherever they go via the new Mashable for iPad app. The app features the site’s full feed of blog stories and news posts, all optimized for viewing on your tablet. Furthermore, posts are also divided into categories, so you can easily sort all the tech articles, business posts, and so on with a simple tap. Furthermore, the app features robust social media options, allowing users to quickly share via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the app displays how many times each story has been shared so you can see at a glance what’s making waves on any given day. Last but not least, swiping left or right on an article drills down and provides more specific content, while swiping up or down loads more stories.

Even though Mashable previously launched an iPhone app with somewhat similar features, this new creation is made especially for the iPad and seems to be more feature-rich than its handheld cousin. The interface has also been revamped to appear more attractive and easier to navigate, which users always appreciate. The total package is very nice, and we’re excited to see what new bells and whistles are added in future updates.

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2012-03-02 :: Category: News


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