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Marketers, heed Darwin’s advice: your brand must adapt!
Evolve to identify, engage, segment and monitor your best prospects.
Enjoy dozens of kinetic White Papers, videos and infographics about our Darwinian new-rules digital era.

√ Static messaging is obsolete – add kinetic motion to energize your content
√ Renaming a company is a minefield
√ Sending PDFs is a failing strategy
√ Shorten the Buyer’s Journey to create customers sooner
√ Differentiate or Die is Dead
√ The curse of the three initial company name
√ Sadly, the people creating a new vodka, created a new vodka
√ Are focus groups obsolete?
√ What “Darwin’s Finches” teach us about new media
√ Brand linkage
√ Badge brands
√ Elevator pitch vs. brand narrative
√ Every time you make a PowerPoint a puppy gets crushed
√ How to supercharge your marketing automation
√ Forget the funnel: How buyers really decide
√ New product innovation Russian roulette
√ Don’t outspend them. Outsmart them.
√ Where are you on the brand elevator?
√ Anyone can play the violin
√ Grammar’s stupid rules, and when to obey them
√ Don’t manage people
√ Think outside the bubble. Category experience can kill creativity.
√ Are toll free numbers obsolete?
√ Describe your prospect
√ “Look no further”
√ Mobile websites are obsolete. R.I.P.
√ The Neon Trees, original content, SEO and brand linkage
√ Quals and Quants: Two tribes you need to know
√ The selfish market. WIIFM?
√ How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
√ How do you answer “We’ve already tried that”?
√ Renaming. A fable.
√ The balloon and the brick = Anchored Creativity
√ Why are the yellow pages like nursing homes?
√ Exclude the never-gonnas
√ “Below the radar” is a delusion
√ Why do CEOs hate marketing?
√ KinetiZine, CMO’s new best friend
√ Page 1 SERP guarantees you... nothing. It’s only 1/3 of the solution
√ How’s your brand visibility? SEO
√ Think outside the bubble. Category experience can kill creativity.
√ Are toll free numbers obsolete?
√ Brand evolution and the science rejecters
√ What’s a “Biz Dev” worth?
√ Forget ‘maximize shareholder value.” Seriously.
√ Short attention spaniels, revisited
√ How much does Big Data weigh?
√ Show and tell. More to the point, show vs. tell
√ The “Bottom 10” brand demotions you should run away from
√ Serial brainstorming with The Concept Dispenser
√ What makes a memory vivid?
√ Lessons from armpits: the secret of Sure vs. Secret
√ Taglines: Why you should not “just do it” yourself
√ Why beer advertising fails: Anchored Creativity, Pt. 2
√ Findability: Catch the fourth wave
√ Boost your credibility, by subtracting
√ Nobody wants to buy what you’re selling
√ Needle? Haystack? No problem.
√ Big gray blobs. What to do about text?
√ Is your marketing ROI in decline?
√ Is your brand digital-smart?
√ What makes a memory vivid?
√ Waste circulation, and why the dictator’s widow’s offer makes sense

It’s like getting an MBA* in a Box! Get amusing-but-totally-practical advice from a (r)evolutionary branding agency. Be among the fittest, to survive! Updated periodically … as marketing, naming and branding continue to evolve!
*Master of Branding Adaptation, that is.

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App Changes

  • August 05, 2014 Initial release
  • August 13, 2014 New version 1.2

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