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Popstar is one of the most popular elimination games in iPhone and iPad. It is favored by peopleof all ages and genders. Based on this popular game, we have developed a similar eliminationgame Button Show. The rule is simple: you can just click on two or more buttons of the same colorand get scores!
There are two ways to get high scores in the Button Show. One is to eliminate multiple accumulated buttons; the other is to obtain the final reward. The fewer buttons are left, the higher scores will be gotten. If there is none left, 2000 scores will be gotten, which is the most important guarantee to get high scores.
Note: Much patience is required in the Button Show as detailed calculation is required. It is not to say that you are smart and you can get high scores. Eliminating more calculated buttons is the key to get high scores.
In the game Button Show, as long as 3000 to 4000 scores are gotten at each level, the game will not be over until more than 100 levels. However, if it is calculated like this in the following levels, the average 3000 scores or more will be gotten at each level.
How to play
Classic mode:
Click to eliminate two or more buttons of the same color
No time limit, but there is a target score at each level
The more buttons are eliminated at a time and the higher scores will be gotten.
There is an additional reward for the remaining buttons less than 10.
Time-limited mode:
There are no levels and target scores. You can only click to eliminatebuttons of the same color. The higher final scoresare achieved, the more rewards will be gotten. Time is up means the game is over.
Step-limited mode:
There are levels in the game. Click to eliminate buttons of the same color in limited steps at each level. If the target scoresare achieved, you will continue the next level. Otherwise, the game will be over.
Regardless of which mode, you need to think carefully to get a higher score! Insisting on playing the game and you will get a surprise in the game.
All the props are free,but you must have enough love-buttons,love-buttons can be rewarded when you are playing in the time-limited mode.
Operation: The touch-screen operation mode is adopted.
Pictures: The pictures are very creative. The combination of colors is simple and glaring but not dazzling. It is worth experiencing.
Sound: easy and comfortable sound.
Playability: a wonderful elimination game. Please have a try.
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App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release