What's New

+ New app icon.
+ Streaming results - Previously when executing queries, data would not be available until
all of the data (pre query) had returned. Now data will begin to appear and update as the
data becomes available.
+ You can now inline sort query results.
+ Fixed an issue where closing an unsaved tab (and choosing save) may sometimes cause
the tab to stay open.
+ Added keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs. (Cmd+Shift+[ for previous tab, Cmd+Shift+] for next tab).
+ Fixed an issue where closing many tabs quickly (cmd+w repeatedly) could cause crashes.
+ Improved multiple result-set auto resizing.
+ Added support for 'Execute current query' mode (rather than executing all queries
only the current query as split by delimiters will be executed).
+ Return key now works as a shortcut for the connection screen.
+ Improvements to syntax highlighting performance.
+ Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause crashes during syntax highlight.
+ Added a pully on the results view for easier resizing.
+ Added a query history dropdown, plus keyboard shortcut (Cmd-Shift-H).
+ Added a toolbar with hide/show sidebar and results options.
+ Line breaks in table results now get replaced with a ¶ character to make the details
easier to see.
+ Query execution now stops on the first error.
+ Warning/Error icon on tab when a query fails.
+ Double clicking text in a quote (such as "helloworld" no longer selects the quotes by
default. You now need to be holding the alt key for the quotes to be selected.
+ Improved column display in the tree-view.
+ Copying text from the query view now includes a rich copy (specifically rtf and html
both get includeded).
+ Hitting space with autocomplete is visible now inserts a space rather than adds the
completed word. This is to match default mac (and ssms) behaviour. Rather the enter key
or tab must be used to trigger completion.
+ Window size/position should now be saved through connections.
+ Mouse drag to select multiple rows in the results view.
+ Schema and table names are no longer escaped in the tree view display.
+ Improvements to variable detection + highlight.
+ Fixed a datetime/epoch issue.
+ Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when users filter, then modify a function.
+ Fixed an issue where cmd + right could go to the next line rather than the current line.
+ Added tab context menus 'New query tab', 'Close tab' and 'Close other tabs'.

App Description

SQLPro for MSSQL is a lightweight Microsoft SQL Server database client, allowing quick and simple access to MSSQL Servers, including those hosted via cloud services such as SQL Azure or Amazon RDS.

Features include:
+ Syntax highlighting.
+ Intellisense.
+ Tabbed based interface.
+ Support for executing multiple queries at once.
+ Quick access to tables, columns and more.
+ Stored procedure execution.
+ NTLMv2 supported (but not required).

SQL Client Management Studio can be used to connect with the following databases:
+ Microsoft SQL Azure
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2005
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2008
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2012
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2014
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Thanks to the FreeTDS project (http://www.freetds.org/) for their great library.

This SQL Client does NOT work with MySQL. Please ensure that your server is a Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or above).

Note 1: SQL Server Express is supported, however using it makes me sad. Please confirm that the SQL Server Express installation has been configured properly for remote connections over TCP/IP, and that you can connect remotely from another windows pc before requesting support.

iPhone Screenshots

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SQLPro for MSSQL - Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server screenshot 1 SQLPro for MSSQL - Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server screenshot 2 SQLPro for MSSQL - Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server screenshot 3

App Changes

  • June 08, 2014 Initial release
  • July 21, 2014 New version 1.0.9
  • July 21, 2014 Price increase: $8.99 -> $19.99
  • August 30, 2014 New version 1.0.10
  • October 22, 2014 New version 1.0.11
  • September 12, 2015 New version 1.0.21
  • September 12, 2015 Price increase: $19.99 -> $39.99
  • September 14, 2015 Price increase: $39.99 -> $49.99
  • September 19, 2015 Price decrease: $49.99 -> $39.99
  • September 21, 2015 Price increase: $39.99 -> $49.99

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