What's New

- Folder support with grid or dual file manager
- Wi-Fi File Transfer
- Export & AirPrint for range of selected page
- Search on notebook for text & pdf data
- PDF table of contents support, multi pdf file support
- Insert PDF documents into existing notebooks
- Custom template
- External display support
- Bookmark for pdf and notebook
- Page view history for pdf and notebook

- Select the pages you wish to share
- Export to external apps (e.g. Dropbox, Evernote etc.)
- Choose whether to include backgrounds or notes in exports
- Share editable notebooks with other TurboNotes users
- One touch to compress all notebook and share to Dropbox, Google drive, SugarSync, or iTunes USB Sharing.

Update note features with best handwriting
1. Four pen style with size and colour picker
* Pen style 1: large to small size when move
* Pen style 2: constant size
* Pen style 3: small to larger size when moving with limited size
* Pen style 4: as pen style 3, with unlimited size
2. Audio recording & sync with handwriting, text box, rich text, ..., manage list of recored audio easily
3. Export to native PDF all element on notebook
4. Share exported notebook to cloud servies: dropbox, google drive, sugar sync, WebDAV with multi account support, ex: 3 google drive accounts to have 50G free.
5. Import or new notebook from pdf, doc files, or compressed notebooks, and those download from cloud services, local folder, or copied from iTune USB Sharing with PC. In addition, you can create notebook from the whole web size content (as save all web size to PDF, and annotate it)

App Description

Record audio and take note at the same time, and sync audio with note. Support both text & handwriting with close-up handboard provided.

ONLY THIS APP ALLOWS YOU TO DO THAT, AND YOU WILL BE AMAZING HOW PRODUCTIVITY IT BRING TO YOU WHEN TALK ABOUT SYNC AUDIO WITH NOTE. And YES! Take note while recording audio to sync it, you will see only handwriting let you do that comfortable with Close-up handboard provided. You handwrite as on real paper with pen.

SuperNotes combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. Perfect for business, Engineer, or students!

By synchronizing notes and audio, SuperNotes automatically indexes your meetings, lectures, or study sessions. Need to review the discussion about deliverables on your next project? Trying to remember what the professor had to say about a key point? With SuperNotes there is no need to waste time searching through the entire recording to find out. Each note acts as a link directly to the point at which it was recorded, taking you instantly to what you want to hear! Didn't take any notes during the meeting? No problem, you can add them later!

A fully functional note application, SuperNotes also increases the value of your notes. Watch as your text and drawings highlight during playback, helping you to remember the context in which they were taken.

If you feel entering note with text on keyboard is slow, and not comfortable then you can use close-up handboard to write large quickly and it auto scale to put to page at cursor position. The handwriting with close-up handboard is very powerful board to note with your hand quickly while recording audio.

In addition to note on the whole page canvas, the app is also provide sticky content allowing to add note flexible, with this you can move text, handwriting, shapes, or resize, copy, paste, change border, background with pattern or solid color.

With the convenience of the iPad or iPhone, you can use SuperNotes anywhere: meetings, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions. Even use it to record memos to yourself as you jot down new ideas!

Core Features:
- Synchronized note (text & handwriting) and audio recording
- Fully functional text note application, with copy, paste, etc. The audio & note organized as in real audio book, include audio recorded & pages.
- Pen mode for Drawing or Handwritten notes with changeable pen size, color
- Undo/Redo/Erase any finger writing, text input
- Draw shapes as lines, rectangle, circle, ellipse page canvas or on sticky content
- Seek directly to audio by tapping text or drawings (on sticky). Progress bar seek to move to the page and note (text & drawing on page) at the time on progress bar.
- Highlighted notes during playback
- Seamless handling of audio interruptions (phone calls, app exit, etc.)
- Export notes and audio via email, over Wi-Fi, or through iTunes
- Import SuperNotes files (i.e. created and exported with SuperNotes) through iTunes
- Documents are flexibly organized by tags, date/time last modified, favorites, and more, with a scrolling list of thumbnail images of part of each page to help you find them later
- 23 Paper background style, 500 Pattern, as well as solid color picker for background paper, or for border of sticky content. Each page can have different paper background


Hand write comfortably with your big finger, your text will show up as fine as with pen and paper. Auto-advance feature let you write even with your eyes closed.

√ Sharing Ability
- Share editable notebooks with other users
- One touch backup and share to cloud service.

√ Importing Abilities from:
- iTunes file sharing
- Built-in Dropbox, Google drive, SugarSync, local file browser
- Save the whole website to PDF file import to current notebook or new.

√ Data Loss Prevention
-Reliable to protect data
-Auto save when lost focus
-Manually saving

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

March 08, 2014 Price Decrease: $3.99 -> $1.99
March 05, 2014 Price Decrease: $4.99 -> $3.99
March 05, 2014 Price Decrease: $4.99 -> $3.99
March 04, 2014 Price Decrease: $5.99 -> $4.99
March 04, 2014 New version 1.1
February 23, 2014 Initial Release

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