App Description

Everybody is suffering in the world and all wants to gain Happiness and Peace, but how?

Buddha, the greatest spiritual scientist in the world , found out in his own inner lab the methods and techniques by which one can liberate themselves from suffering and gain happiness.

Buddha explained this theory in 4 noble truths and gave 8 noble path to be applied to end suffering. Right Action , Right Speech and Right Livelihood are the first 3 factors of 8 noble path!

For a layman , like you and me who is very much part of the family , work etc can practice the first 3 factors mentioned above by implementing 5 precepts.

"5 Precepts" app has only one aim which is to make you practice 5 precepts and end suffering you encounter in day to day living. The features include

- Know more about 5 precepts via a Great Talk
- Regularly, take up 5 precepts test to record Practice
- View Summary of your Practice in a Graph Form
- History of 5 precepts reports
- Share your Reports via Facebook/Twitter/Email
- Set/Reset Reminders to keep you Focused.

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App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release