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Fixed capital gains tax rules for trusts
Fixed other deductions calculations for C Corporations

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This app now supports iCloud for sharing your tax returns between your devices!

Imagine how easy it is to use Taxsoftware.com on the iPAD : You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on the iPAD. The files are transferable from iPAD to PC or Mac.
The app is free. You only pay when you print and/or e-file.

Our tax year 2013 version of Form 1040 return includes most forms and schedules you will need to prepare your tax return: Schedules A, B, C, C-EZ, D, E, EIC, Forms W-2, 1099-R, 2441, 4562, 8582, 8812, 8949, 8863, online tax refund request, and online payment. If you are a paid preparer, you must be registered with IRS and have an EFIN, a PTIN, and an IRS E-services account. You also must be registered with a Taxsoftware.com Eservices account and have a digital ID.

Our simplified tax year 2013 version of Form 1065 (Partnership Return) includes form 1125-A, Schedules B, B-1, D, K, L, M-1, M-2, 8949 and ten Schedule K-1s.

Our simplified tax year 2013 version of Form 1120 (Corporation Return) includes forms 1125-A and 1125-E, Schedules C, D, G, J, and K and 8949.

Our simplified tax year 2013 version of Form 1120S (S Corporation Return) includes Form 1125-A, Schedules B, D, K, L, M-1, M-2, and ten Schedule K-1s and 8949.

Our simplified 1041 Form (Estates and Trusts) includes Schedules A, B, D, G, and one Schedule K-1. All business forms include depreciation (Form 4562) of up to ten assets and the use of one vehicle for business.

Want more? Form 1099-Misc software is also included, with up to six recipients.

You will like Taxsoftware.com because it is: Safer - Taxsoftware.com is safer to use because it saves your data exclusively in your computer. Nobody else has access to your information.

Faster - You can prepare your tax return using Taxsoftware.com - from start to finish - in about 30 minutes.
Less Expensive - Taxsoftware.com does not hit you with inventory or logistics costs because our products are online. So, we can charge much less than any other tax software program.

Online - This means you don't have to go to the store to buy your product. You simply download it whenever you need it. You don't have to wait for the company to mail you updates. Just download them, instantly!
Accuracy - Your online Income Tax Form IRS software is constantly updated. You don't need to worry about getting the tax forms. They will always be online, updated for you.

Easy To Use - Taxsoftware.com asks you only basic questions, and explains to you how to answer them. The software makes the more complicated calculations for you and applies them to the forms. When you print your income tax form IRS return, the answers automatically appear in the right place. The typical time it takes to prepare a tax return with Taxsoftware.com is only 30 minutes, much faster than any other tax software.

You Know Your Return Is Correct - Taxsoftware.com checks your Income Tax Form IRS return before you file it. It matches the numbers and makes sure they all agree. You won't risk submitting an incorrect tax return to the IRS.

Review Function - Taxsoftware.com features a review function that allows you to take a peek at how you are doing at any time throughout the Income tax form IRS program.

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  • June 06, 2014 Initial release

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