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This is an internet browser that lets you stop images downloading, therefore keeping your data transfer down, therefore saving you money on your phone tariff!

It's completely FREE for a limited time, so why not get it and try it RIGHT NOW!

(It's also a great alternative to Safari or Chrome - if for some reason you wanted an alternative...)

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Roameo in a nutshell? It's an Internet browser for your phone that tells you what a website costs to load! It then gives you an option to load the site without images and things. You can save up to 50p per site!

Roameo is a data-friendly mobile internet browser, that tells you what you're spending on mobile data - before you've actually spent it!

Did you know a single website can have a data transfer size of well over 1 MB?

Most typical mobile data tariffs charge you for data rates per MB, so how much data you transfer is critical when considering how much you're likely to spend.

If you know the roaming charge per MB for your tariff (this you can get by calling your mobile provider) simply put this into the app and it can calculate the likely cost of any websites you visit.

Specifically, Roameo prompts you about pages you're about to view - and gives you an estimate of the roaming charge incurred if you choose to continue and view it.

Once a page is scanned, Roameo gives you the option of 'safe loading' the site - removing many of the elements which drastically increase the cost of downloading it.

It also gives you an estimated roaming cost for loading the page in full - should you require it.

As you use the browser, transfer of some data is inevitable. Roameo tracks this on-screen, so you have a good idea of the cumulative cost.

On top of all this, Roameo works as a standard web browser, allowing you to perform web searches and follow page links.

It has options for enabling and disabling the various prompts as well as setting your preferred currency.

Roameo is an excellent low-cost way to save money browsing the internet on-the-go!

*** Got suggestions for this app? Have an idea for how to improve it? Found a bug? ... Then please leave feedback, and help make Roameo even better!

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App Changes

  • June 15, 2014 Initial release