App Description

A Hero battles monsters with puzzles! Match 3 of the same colored panels to give your Hero power! Link chain moves to defeat the monsters! Enjoy the simple controls of "Puzzle Battler!" by downloading it today!

"Puzzle Battler!" is a game that lets you fight monsters and the Demon King while solving fun puzzles. No registration is required, and there are no confusing controls. Chain your moves together to erase the panels and solve the puzzle!

Playing the game is easy!
1. Slide panels into empty spaces on the 7x7 grid.
2. Match 3 of the same colored panels horizontally or vertically to erase them
3. Send power to your Hero, who will fight the monsters!

That's all there is to it!
If you erase a lot of panels at once, you can chain them together!
Panels that have been erased will be replenished from above.

If you aren't quick, the monsters will attack you!
Keep erasing panels to send power to your Hero, and defeat the monsters and the Demon King!

There are over 45 stages to challenge!
Defeat all of the monsters on each stage to clear it!
Defeating monsters earns your experience points, which allow you to level up.
If your Hero reaches a certain level, he will change classes!

[[How to Play "Puzzle Battler!"]]
* Slide more than one panel at once to create a chain. Chains make it easier to clear stages!
* Keep erasing panels and attacking the monsters before they can attack you!
* Each monster will attack with its own timing. Observe each monster's tendencies when you attack them!
* If you can't defeat a monster, go back a stage and make your Hero stronger!

- COLOPL, Inc. -

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App Changes

  • June 13, 2014 Initial release